Why Fleet Management?

The concept of the car has evolved throughout the years, changing from a simple means of transportation into a computing vehicle with the ability to communicate with other vehicles, infrastructure, and devices.

The connected car is now widely manufactured and projected to continue to grow. Analysts say that by 2025, the connected car market is expected to reach a market value of 83 billion dollars (USD).

Because of the growth of connected cars and the need for mobility in society, there has been more of a push mobility services and for connected fleets. But with growth comes the realization of challenges and a need to overcome certain limitations for optimized performance.

A mobility service needs to be able to connect and manage vehicle information in real-time, while also connecting accrued data to big data-based artificial intelligence (AI) and use it for maintenance and accident prediction.This is where fleet management services (FMS) come in because in order to improve service, an ideal FMS will collect vehicle data, analyze said data, and deliver with diagnostics to the client.

AUTOCRYPT is leading the way for innovation in the mobility industry with IoT expertise and smart data analysis technology.

AUTOCRYPT Fleet Management

Collected Data

Vehicle Data

Battery / oil status, 
tire pressure, etc.

User Data

Driver age, gender, etc.

Driving Data

Location, speed, RPM,
brake / accelerator status.

V2X Communication Data

Vehicle-to-Vehicle distance messages,
vehicle / traffic communication, etc.


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