AutoCrypt V2D

Vehicle-to-Device: Secured communication systems for vehicles, mobile devices, and cloud services

AUTOCRYPT provides secure communication between vehicles and smart devices.

Secure communications are the foundation of the fast-growing Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) industry, with the rise of car-sharing as well as autonomous fleets for logistic operations. 

With the rise of MaaS, more vehicle owners are looking for a connected, seamless driving experience, making it easier and quicker to get in the car and drive. 

AUTOCRYPT's proprietary technology allows for the utmost security when it comes to Digital Keys. 

This ensures that not only is the vehicle experience in itself seamless, but more importantly that it is secure. 

AutoCrypt V2D's vehicle certificate (PKI) is pre-issued and installed in the module manufacturing stage, and is issued in conjunction with its own Certificate Authority (CA), or the vehicle manufacturer's CA, in compliance with policy. 

AUTOCRYPT is the first cybersecurity company to become a part of the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) in the Asia-Pacific region, contributing its technical expertise and research in various projects related to digital key solutions' performance evaluation and interoperability.

Conducting research with various companies and institutions on the convenience and reliability of digital keys, AUTOCRYPT stays up-to-date on the latest regulations and compliance standards.

Interoperability is a major concern when it comes to implementing a Digital Key system. Therefore, major manufacturers look to the Car Connectivity Consortium's Digital Key standards. AutoCrypt V2D integrates PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and NFC (Near Field Communication) technologies together to ensure that the Digital Key solution meets CCC's Digital Key 2.0 Release standards. 

Furthermore, research and development is already on its way in order to make certain that when the CCC 3.0 Release standards are updates, that the Digital Key solution will be compliant. 


AutoCrypt V2D architexture consists of communication
between the mobile device and the vehicle manufacturer's OEM server,
as well as between the mobile device and the vehicle itself. 

The CCC defines the standardized interface required for mobile devices
and vehicle OEM servers to communicate with each other. 


Vehicle Access and Control 

Remotely access and control the car through your Digital Key as the owner or as a shared key holder. 

Additional functions such as unlocking the vehicle door or trunk, starting the engine, and sounding the horn can also be activated through the smart device.

Digital Key Registration and Sharing

Register your car onto the AUTOCRYPT Digital Key application to install a digital key.

The digital key can be shared with multiple people, who also have the application installed via password and invite link.

Digital Key Usage Restrictions & Settings

When sharing a vehicle, the owner can fine-tune the range of functions like duration of access, engine control, unlocking/locking, as well as maximum speed. 

Owners can modify their permissions, opt out of sharing, or extend sharing at their discretion. 



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