AutoCrypt V2D

Vehicle to Devices: Secured communication systems for vehicles, mobile devices, and cloud services

AUTOCRYPT provides secure communication between vehicles and various smart devices, which is the foundation of the Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) business, such as the current fast-growing car-sharing service.

The AutoCrypt V2D's vehicle certificate (PKI) is pre-issued and installed in the module manufacturing stage, and is issued in conjunction with its own CA or the vehicle manufacturer's CA in accordance with policy.

v2d pki triangle map

Digital Key Systems using Smartphones

AutoCrypt V2D utilizes security services, including secure authentication and authorization
between the vehicle and the smart phone and the back-end (cloud) service.

- Certificate management, including the creation and disposal of digital car keys for multiple vehicles and users

- Support Bluetooth and NFC communication

- Provides PKI for certificate management within V2D infrastructure

- Enable more convenient car sharing by providing secure delegation and certification services

digital key pki

AutoCrypt V2D, 


CCC Compliant

Supports device interoperability  based on the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) standard. 

The convenience of the devices that connect to the car is greatly improved.

Device Certification using PKI

X.509 based certificates can be issued for vehicles and mobile devices

Provides authentication and denial protection via electronic signature

Mobile User Authentication

Provides a variety of authentication methods, including ID/PW, PIN, pattern, and BIO authentication

Provides a simple authentication with secure session management

Vehicle Access according to Authority

Vehicle control is possible according to user role (driver, service provider, etc.)

Various operating environments are reflected through the function of delegating authority



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