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AutoCrypt IVS

Embedded Systems, Secured End-to-End
inside vehicle systems

Reliability comes first with connected driving.

AutoCrypt® IVS is an advanced firewall for in-vehicle systems and software, optimized for automotive communication protocols. It protects the vehicle from external attacks, and also monitors communications within the vehicle, responding to any abnormal activities.

With its advanced Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Protection System (IPS), AutoCrypt IVS provides all the security modules needed to guarantee secure communications between electronic control units (ECUs) throughout the CAN buses and head unit.

AutoCrypt IVS helps manufacturers and suppliers be in line with regulations for WP.29.

How It Works

End-to-End Security with IVS

AutoCrypt IVS receives detection log reports and delivers security policy updates through a remote management server, keeping in-vehicle security measures up to date. 

  • IVS External IPS detects and blocks malicious traffic from outside the vehicle
  • IVS Internal IDS analyzes network packets in the CAN, CAN-FD, or Ethernet for any signs of abnormal communications inside the vehicle.
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Total Coverage Against Risks and Vulnerabilities

AUTOCRYPT ensures reinforced security and monitoring for ECUs, and detects abnormal behavior and attack attempts for both internal and external communications networks. 

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Simple Management with vSOC

AutoCrypt IVS is offered with a Vehicle Security Operations Center (vSOC), allowing OEMs to manage vehicle security post-production. It oversees the monitoring and detection of vehicular cybersecurity threats using live data collected from the OEM’s cloud. With an intuitive and easy-to-navigate GUI, enterprises can gain insight into threat intelligence for the mobility environment. 

With vSOC, manufacturers can enjoy:

  • A simplified overview of security analysis and incident response
  • Customized support based on OEM vehicle architecture and specific cybersecurity needs
  •  Real-time detection logs and attack identification

Software Security

Protecting the Software-Oriented E/E Architecture

Software is now playing a crucial role in defining today’s vehicles. With more and more software-enabled features, the modern vehicle operates on hundreds of software applications run by millions of lines of source code.

Yet, managing automotive software is a challenging task for OEMs, as they come from a diverse range of software vendors and providers. Some are directly installed into the head unit, while others are embedded within the wide array of in-vehicle systems.

AutoCrypt® Security Analyzer™ and Security Fuzzer™ are AUTOCRYPT’s software vulnerability management tools for OEMs and software vendors.

security analyzer

Security Analyzer

A software vulnerability analysis platform that generates the software bill of materials (SBOM) through function-level analysis, allowing for continuous vulnerability management and patching throughout the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). 

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Security Fuzzer

A smart fuzzing tool that accurately and effectively detects software coding flaws by repeatedly feeding AI-generated random inputs.

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