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AutoCrypt V2X-PKI CA Service

Root certificate authority for V2X
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Certificate lifecycle management for the V2X-PKI ecosystem.

webtrust sealAccredited by WebTrust, and consistent with the CAMP Security Credential Management System (SCMS) architecture and the IEEE 1609.2 standard, AutoCrypt® V2X-PKI CA Service provides certificate lifecycle management for the V2X-PKI ecosystem, ranging from certificate registration, identification, authentication, issuance, and revocation.

As a root certificate authority (root CA), AUTOCRYPT certifies subordinate certification authorities (CA) and ensures that the CA service relating to certificates issued within the V2X-PKI ecosystem is performed in accordance with its certificate policy outlined in its Certificate Practice Statement (CPS).

AUTOCRYPT provides WebTrust-compliant certificate lifecycle management for the V2X-PKI ecosystem, ensuring secure V2X communications for a safe and seamless autonomous driving experience. 


AutoCrypt V2X-PKI CA Service

As the root CA, AUTOCRYPT registers and issues certificates to subordinate CAs, consistent with SCMS and IEEE 1609.2 specifications.

Under its certificate policy, AUTOCRYPT registers, issues, and manages the following certificates:

  • Self-signed certificate for the root CA
  • Certificates for intermediate CAs (ICA), signed by the root CA
  • Certificate for the Policy Generator (PG), signed by the root CA
  • Certificate for the Misbehaviour Authority (MA), signed by the root CA
  • Certificate for the CRL Generator (CRLG), signed by the root CA
  • Certificates for all other parties involved in the V2X-PKI ecosystem
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WebTrust-Accredited Certificate Lifecycle Management

Based on the Trust Service Principles, WebTrust is an accreditation that guarantees the credibility and reliability of a certification authority (CA), issued after thorough audits of the CA’s policy, system operations, and management capabilities.

AutoCrypt® V2X-PKI CA Service ensures secure and continuous management of digital certificates within the distributed public key infrastructure, paving the path towards vehicle-infrastructure cooperated autonomous driving.

Root CA Contact Information

Department: AutoCrypt V2X-PKI Root CA Security Certification Center

Phone: (+82) 2-2125-4020

Address: Sewoo Building 6F, 115 Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea (07241)




Certificate Practice Statement

CA Service CRL

CRLs Issued by Root CA