Secure V2X Communications

Secure V2X implementation and SCMS certificate management
secure v2x communication

V2X, the key to road safety and cooperative autonomous driving.

V2X (vehicle-to-everything) technology enables vehicles to exchange messages with nearby vehicles (V2V), roadside equipment (V2I), and pedestrians (V2P) through wireless communication. V2X offers tremendous potential in enhancing road safety and achieving higher levels of driving automation.

To enable V2X connectivity, every participant in the ecosystem must be equipped with an end-entity known as the V2X connectivity unit. The units built into vehicles are called onboard units (OBU), while the units installed on roadside equipment are called roadside units (RSU). Cooperative autonomous driving is achieved by having these end-entities broadcast messages to one another in real-time.

Why is Security Crucial to V2X?

Vehicles rely on V2X messages to make accurate decisions, therefore the validity of these messages is critical to road safety and the functionality of cooperative autonomous driving.

How AUTOCRYPT Secures V2X Communications

AUTOCRYPT utilizes encryption and authentication technologies to safeguard the validity and privacy of V2X messages. On the frontend, a security module is embedded into V2X end-entities to encrypt and decrypt messages. At the backend, a Security Credential Management System (SCMS) takes charge of certificate issuance, verification, and revocation.

AutoCrypt® V2X-EE

AutoCrypt® V2X-EE is a security module embedded in the end entities of V2X communication, supporting encryption and decryption work via a Local Certificate Manager (LCM), which stores and handles digital certificates it receives from the SCMS. The security module is ready to be integrated into OBUs and RSUs to securely process V2X messages transmitted between vehicles, infrastructures, and pedestrians.


  • Compatible with both IEEE 1609.2 WAVE and C-V2X
  • Completed interoperability testing with all major V2X stack companies


  • NXP i.MX6/i.MX8
  • Autotalks EVK
  • Custom boards with board-specific package


  • Autotalks SECTON/CRATON2
  • NXP SXF 1800
  • Infineon SLS37 prototype
  • ThinkTech M2000
  • HED

AutoCrypt® V2X-PKI

AUTOCRYPT’s V2X-PKI backend, AutoCrypt® V2X-PKI, provides a SCMS-based authentication architecture that can be adapted to the US SCMS, EU CCMS, and Chinese C-SCMS. The authentication body issues and verifies digital certificates, enabling the creation of trust among vehicles and infrastructures.


  • Adaptable to SCMS, CCMS, and C-SCMS 
  • Manage the entire lifecycle of certificates from issuance to revocation
  • Regular updates for regional standard compliance
  • Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and Misbehaviour Detection (MBD) functionalities based on IEEE 1609.2

AutoCrypt® IMS
for SCMS

AutoCrypt® IMS (Integrated Management System) for SCMS is an integrated certificate management tool for the SCMS, enabling OEMs to supervise and manage all issued and revoked certificates for their vehicle fleets in real-time — across all regions — on one centralized UI.


  • Cross-region certificate management
  • Customizable UI to the client’s request
  • Automated system inspection and diagnostics
  • 24/7 response for operational and technical issues