Integrated Management System for SCMS
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Integrated Management System for SCMS

IMS (Integrated Management System) for SCMS (Security Credential Management Systems) is a central management dashboard designed for OEMs and infrastructure operators to supervise their entire SCMS across all regions in real-time. Its intuitive UI contains visual dashboards that display real-time information on all issued, revoked, and expired certificates and their status, organized into various regions of choice.

Interested in how it works? Click below for an interactive demo.

*Sample data and certificates have been pre-loaded for the purpose of this demo.

All SCMS certificates, in one place

With IMS for SCMS, OEMs and infrastructure operators can monitor, manage, and verify the status of all their V2X devices (OBUs and RSUs) across the globe in real-time. All in one place.

Recommended for
  • OEMs
  • C-ITS infrastructure operators
  • V2X security administrators
Supported certificates
  • Registration certificates
  • Pseudonym certificates (for OBUs)
  • Application certificates (for RSUs)
Real-Time Monitoring
Centralized Control
V2X Device Management

Demo Guide

How to use IMS for SCMS demo

1. Request login credential

After clicking on the “Try Interactive Demo” button, you will be prompted to enter your name and email address. We will send you an email containing a link to the demo, along with your personal login credential.

2. Start demo

Use the link and personal login credential provided in the email to login to the interactive demo.

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After landing on the main dashboard, try to click on a region on the map for an overview of the SCMS operations in that region.


3. Monitor system operations

Check for regional availability (certificate expiration dates and connection status), system resources (CPU, memory, and network usage status), and a list of scheduled jobs.

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Click on the magnifying glass to see the details of each graph.

ims for scms demo 4

4. Monitor and manage certificates

Search for and view lists of issued and revoked certificates. Export lists to view in Excel or PDF.

ims for scms 4

Click on each certificate to view details and history.

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Customized features for all your needs

The IMS for SCMS demo provides a manifestation of its core offerings. In practice, AUTOCRYPT offers a wide range of customizable features that are optimized for the user’s needs.

Furthermore, AUTOCRYPT is the world’s first and only provider that offers tri-standard SCMS compatibility, providing seamless support for the North American SCMS, European CCMS, and Chinese C-SCMS.

Contact us for customization inquiries and quotations.

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