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AutoCrypt ASL

Adaptive security library for AUTOSAR platforms
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Production-ready security software for high-performance ECUs.

Vehicle components are becoming more and more sophisticated, setting off a growing need for high-performance ECUs with application processors. Compared to traditional microcontrollers built on the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, these advanced ECUs are built on the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform.

AutoCrypt® ASL is an adaptive security library designed for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform, ensuring security for high-performance ECUs, such as in-vehicle application servers, infotainment systems, and ADAS.

AutoCrypt® ASL is a comprehensive software solution that covers intrusion detection and mitigation, identity and access management, cryptographic functions, and an advanced firewall. It can also be linked to AutoCrypt® TEE and AutoCrypt® HSM to provide a range of security features (e.g. secure boot, secure flashing) for application processors and microcontrollers.

The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform implements the AUTOSAR Runtime for Adaptive Applications (ARA), dynamically linking services and clients during runtime to support advanced features. AutoCrypt® ASL provides a comprehensive security library dedicated to the AUTOSAR framework, containing a range of security components, protocols, and mechanisms.

Key Features

Comprehensive security for AUTOSAR Adaptive

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AutoCrypt® ASL links to the API (ARA::COM) functional cluster to log and monitor all internal communications within the vehicle. It also links to the identity and access management (ARA::IAM) functional cluster to control access to the ECUs, preventing other internal applications and external threats from accessing the sensitive data within the ECUs.

AutoCrypt® ASL provides a secure environment for cryptographic functions (ARA::CRYPTO), enabling critical security functions such as cryptographic key generation, encryption, decryption, and authentication, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation of sensitive data.

All internal data flow within the vehicle is monitored. AutoCrypt® ASL’s intrusion detection system (ARA::IDSM) identifies any anomalies and records them as high-severity incidents, before sending them to the vehicle security operations center (vSOC).

AutoCrypt® ASL provides an advanced firewall (ARA::FW) that is capable of adaptive and logic-based traffic filtering and advanced packet inspection, protecting the vehicle’s internal systems from external threats.


AutoCrypt ASL, advantages

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Add-On Services

  • Equipped with policy decision point (PDP) and policy enforcement point (PEP)
  • Netfilter implementation support
  • Links to the Manifest defined by the OEM (Manifest accessor)

TEE-Based Cryptography

  • Linkage to AutoCrypt® TEE enables a physically isolated trusted execution environment for cryptographic functions
  • ASPICE CL2 certified, GlobalPlatform compliant solution
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Three-Layer Coverage

  • Provides optimized security software for all three layers of the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform: functional cluster, platform service, and operating system

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