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AUTOCRYPT is a mobility security provider dedicated to the safety of new transportation.
From one end to the other, AUTOCRYPT secures the whole journey.

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Who We Are

From one end to the other,
AUTOCRYPT secures the
whole journey.

AUTOCRYPT secures the rapidly-evolving framework of smart mobility from start to finish. Backed by decades of industry experience, our solutions can be customized to fit any mobility service, application, or vehicle environment.

AUTOCRYPT is represented internationally through its branch network in 8 different locations. We develop and cooperate with OEMs and partners to provide the best all-in-one security solutions.

Our Mission

Securing connected, autonomous mobility

The world is moving towards safer, greener, and smarter mobility, enabled by wireless connectivity.

In a connected mobility ecosystem joined by vehicles, roadside infrastructure, and mobile devices, secure communications must be established before we can rely on them for safety applications and autonomous driving. After all, vehicular transport is safety-critical to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

AUTOCRYPT is here to redefine the safety baseline for a safe and eco-friendly connected future. We want every person to feel safe and secure both inside and outside of a connected, autonomous vehicle.

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Our Vision

Confidence in mobility

As we grow to rely on connected and autonomous technology, mobility should be synonymous with an assurance in safety.

From secure connections to inclusive transport,

AUTOCRYPT visualizes reliable and autonomous mobility for all.


Moving forward with AUTOCRYPT

  • Selected as “Red Herring Top 100 Global”
  • AutoCrypt® EQ selected as “Ride Hailing Innovation of the Year” by AutoTech Breakthrough Awards
  • AutoCrypt® IVS selected as “Automotive Cybersecurity Solution of the Year” by CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards
  • Contracted PnC authentication system in E-pit, Hyundai Motor’s EV charging network
  • AutoCrypt® EQ selected as “Mobility Service Provider of the Year” Finalist by Informa Tech Automotive Awards
  • Selected as “Automotive Security (IoT)” Gold Winner by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
  • AutoCrypt® V2X selected as “Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year” Finalist by Informa Tech Automotive Awards
  • Selected as “Automotive Cybersecurity Company of the Year” by AutoTech Breakthrough Awards
  • Selected as “Forbes Asia 100 to Watch”
  • Contracted security testing project for new vehicle models for Company H
  • Contracted V2X certificate system in China for Company D
  • Began operations for fleet management and ride services, including 2U Access, in six regions in Korea
  • Contracted ECU security project for Company M
  • Established subsidiaries in Canada and Germany
  • Selected as “Automotive Tech Company of the Year” Finalist by TU-Automotive Awards
  • Selected as “Automotive Cybersecurity Company of the Year” by AutoTech Breakthrough Awards
  • Selected for “Global Cyber Achievement Award” by apmaIAC Cyber Mobility Awards
  • Established certification security solution for Korea Intelligent Automotive Parts Promotion Institute
  • Contracted C-V2X business for China with Company H
  • Established Auto Premium Service Security Certification System of Company H Overseas (Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico)
  • Contracted with V2P-based V2X Android platform for telecom company K
  • Established C-ITS Security Certification System in Ulsan
  • Signed MOU with Hubject/ ElaadNL to develop electric vehicle charging interoperability technology
  • Joined OECD-affiliated International Transport Forum (ITF) Corporate Partnership Board
  • Completed V2X security solution consulting for car manufacturer company
  • Implemented Korea Expressway Corporation V2X security certification system demonstration system construction project
  • Developed security solution for In-vehicle infotainment (IVI) of electronics manufacturer company M
  • Developed certification authority demonstration system for V2X security certification system for Korea Intelligent Transportation System Association
  • AutoCrypt® selected as TU-Automotive AWARDS 2019 “Best Auto Cyber Security Product / Service”
  • Established security infrastructure for charging electric vehicles for KEPCO
  • Implemented security system construction for Seoul C-ITS demonstration project
  • AutoCrypt selected for “Security Award” for IoT Innovation Awards
  • Established certification system for electric vehicle charging companies (MOs) of KEPCO
  • Established C-ITS demonstration project security system in Jeju
  • Commercialization of Gridwiz and EV plug &charge solution
  • Developed smartphone-based C-ITS service for mobile manufacturer S company V2P (vehicle and smart device)
  • V2X security informatization strategic plan for Korea Expressway Corporation
  • Developed prototype of train autonomous driving control system (T2T) security module
  • Development of TLS / HSM security technology for completed car manufacturer H company V2G
  • K-City autonomous driving experiment city (Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do)
  • Establish security certification system for autonomous cooperative driving at Yeoju Expressway
  • Analyze security vulnerability of train control system (T2T) protocol and design security module for railway
    vehicles for Korea Railroad
  • Research Institute
  • Established certification center for development of smart autonomous driving cooperation road driving system
  • Development of security technology for next generation IVI terminal
  • Application of AUTOSAR Standard Technology
  • Development of core technology for detecting abnormal symptoms for autonomous smart car
  • Construction of security certification system for Korea Expressway Corporation C-ITS pilot project
  • Development of abnormal behavior detection function based on K-BrainPower machine learning
  • Launched Korea’s first auto security solution AutoCrypt®
  • Smart car firewall prototype development
  • Development of security technology of completed car manufacturer H company’s Vehicle Data Management System (VDMS)
  • Developed smartphone app security verification technology for completed car manufacturer H company
  • Secured korea’s first vehicle communication security technology (IEEE 1609.2 standardization and test bed application)
  • Developed international standard (IEEE1609.2: 2013) technology for V2X environment based on WAVE communication
  • Development of police car navigation / telematics system certification / encryption
  • Enhance security by applying authentication and encryption for vehicle and external smart device interworking
  • Development of car manufacturer H‘s security device (security communication technology between vehicle and diagnostic device) for vehicle safety diagnosis device

AUTOCRYPT Achievements

Awards and Recognitions

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2019 Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service

2020 Automotive Tech Company of the Year Finalist

2021 Automotive Cybersecurity Product of the Year Finalist

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2020 Automotive Cybersecurity Company of the Year

2021 Automotive Cybersecurity Company of the Year

2022 Ride Hailing Innovation of the Year

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2020 Global Cyber Achievement Award

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2021 Forbes Asia 100 to Watch

2022 cybersecurity excellence awards autocrypt v2x

2022 Automotive Security (IoT) Gold Winner

cybersecurity breakthrough awards winner badge

2022 Automotive Cybersecurity Solution of the Year

red herring top 100 global

2022 Red Herring Top 100 Global


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