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From one end to the
other, AUTOCRYPT secures
the whole journey.

AUTOCRYPT secures the rapidly-evolving framework of smart mobility from start to finish. Backed by decades of industry experience, our solutions can be customized to fit any mobility service, application, or vehicle environment.

Our Products

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AutoCrypt V2X

Vehicle-to-Everything: Securing connection between vehicles and other entity, including V2V, V2D, V2I, and V2P.

AutoCrypt PnC Plug & Charge


AutoCrypt PnC

Plug & Charge: AutoCrypt verifies all contracts between the CSMS and the mobility operators.

AutoCrypt V2X Vehicle-to-Everything


AutoCrypt FMS

Fleet Management System: Convenient and secure data collection through data modeling and correlation analysis.

AutoCrypt FMS Fleet Management System

Our Solutions

AUTOCRYPT’s total mobility
security solutions

In June 2020, the United Nations officially adopted two new regulations regarding automotive cybersecurity.

The two regulations regarding cybersecurity management systems (CSMS) and software update management systems will affect the automotive industry in a tremendous way.

From OEMs, Tier-1 suppliers, all the way to software providers – prepare for the transformation with AUTOCRYPT’s in-vehicle solution today.

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AutoCrypt PnC protects both the electric vehicle and its supply equipment (EVSE) during the seamless Plug&Charge process, securing driving data, personal data, and financial data

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AutoCrypt IVS protects the internal system of vehicles by detecting malicious or abnormal
traffic and securely managing encryption keys used within the internal network.

AutoCrypt IVS

AUTOCRYPT’S digital key implements PKI for security, issuing certificates at the module manufacturing stage in conjunction with the certification authorities

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The Cybersecurity Regulation Changes

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WP.29 Regulations Guideline Be Prepared with AUTOCRYPT

PnC Cloud Testing

Free backend Plug&Charge (PnC)
interoperability testing environment for EV
charging infrastructure, EVCC and SECC

SCMS Online Testing

Quick and simple security test for V2X devices

SCMS is the security infrastructure behind V2X. It ensures the originality and integrity of every message.

AutoCrypt SCMS Test can be run anytime, anywhere for OBUs and RSUs, with a simple registration and installation process.

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