Autonomous Driving

AutoCrypt RODAS

Remote driving assistance system for autonomous vehicles
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Autonomous vehicle remote driving solution for enhanced safety.

One way to ensure that autonomous vehicles never fail is to establish an emergency response mechanism that can take control of a vehicle during one of the unlikely scenarios where it’s no longer safe to drive itself. Whether it be the result of an internal or environmental situation, remote driving is an effective solution.

AutoCrypt® RODAS (Remotely Operated Driving Assistance System) is a remote driving solution that provides a failsafe for autonomous vehicles. The system allows an authorized operator to take remote control over the vehicle when an unexpected situation arises.

The operator can either remotely operate the vehicle (i.e. teledriving), or configure the driving policies based on the situation reported by the occupants (i.e. teleguidance). Either way, the goal is to bring the vehicle back to a safe state.


Secure and standardized remote driving solution

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Remote Control System

  • Monitors vehicle condition and autonomous driving status in real-time
  • Camera footage and object identification in vehicle interior and surrounding environment
  • Local dynamic map (LDM) viewer 
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Linkage to Driving Console

  • Collects real-time information and streams live footage for remote command execution
  • Links real-time data to RODAS driving console
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Teledriving and Teleguidance

  • Full remote control by authorized operator
  • Configure driving policies (e.g. route, directions) based on situation and needs


AutoCrypt RODAS architecture

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Scenarios and Flow Structure

Scenario 1: When the autonomous vehicle or occupant requests remote control service…
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Scenario 2: When the monitoring agent discovers the need for remote control…
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