AutoCrypt V2X

Encryption and authentication for V2X applications

The most fundamental technology for autonomous driving.

AutoCrypt V2X indicates all communications from vehicles-to-vehicles (V2V) and from vehicles-to-infrastructure (V2I). It is a software development kit that can be installed onto On-Board Units (OBU) and RoadSide Units (RSU) to secure the technology applications and the Basic Safety Messages (BSM) transmitted between them.

We support the IEEE Standard for WAVE (1609.2), ETSI, GBT, and is in line with WP.29.

How It Works

Encryption and Digital Signature: Securing the BSM Transmitted Between OBUs and RSUs.

Apart from encrypting the messages, AutoCrypt’s Local Certificate Manager (LCM) is a crucial part of the software development. It stores and manages all the OBU and RSU certificates generated by the Security Credentials Management System (SCMS), also offered by AUTOCRYPT, and the Cooperative-Intelligent Transportation System (C-ITS).

AutoCrypt V2X then verifies and ensures that all messages received by AutoCrypt LCM have reliable authentication, by ensuring the originality and integrity of the transmitted data.



AutoCrypt V2X, Core Technologies

Learn how AUTOCRYPT’s technologies can advance vehicle security and ensure integrity.

Encryption Library

Provides the necessary forms, protocols, and algorithms for communication encryption

Supports a wide range of hardware security modules

Security Module

Validates both sent and received messages by utilizing the encryption library

Extremely fast data throughput

AutoCrypt LCM

Verifies the validity of digital signatures and stores them locally

Easily manages a great number of certificates

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