Innovations don’t happen in a day.
At AUTOCRYPT, we value analyzing our challenges and failures,
because we turn them into learned experiences,
growing in our knowledge and developments towards innovation.

Perfection < Cumulative Learning

What is Cumulative Learning?

Originally a concept used in machine learning, cumulative learning is about taking results, analyzing them, and turning them into something of value.
Putting it through this process over and over allows us to innovate, instead of static. 

We believe cumulative learning helps solve issues that many face when it comes to technological developments. 

The "Iron Triangle"

Developers are often faced with the complex challenges of having to prioritize, resources, time, or scope of a project. At the end of the day, in some way or form, quality of the project suffers.

Cumulative Learning

By analyzing failures and learning, and improving upon shortcomings, not only do we learn, but the quality of our projects improves each time. This allows us to innovate without the limitations we previously had.

Positive Cumulative Learning

But it’s not just about learning.
At AUTOCRYPT, we are looking for individuals who embody our values summed up into:

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