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Automotive Cybersecurity Testing

Smart and automated fuzzing tool designed for vehicular systems and protocols

AutoCrypt Security Fuzzer for deployment in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations

Cybersecurity Testing Platform supporting fuzzing, pentesting, functional testing, and vulnerability testing; generates UN R155-compliant report for Vehicle Type Approval

Software composition analyzer and SBOM generator for open-source software; reveals source code vulnerability and licensing issues

Functional Testing Service

Technical service that verifies the designed functionality of vehicles according to the OEM's technical standard, supporting quality control and productivity improvement

Custom fuzz testing service tailored to the vehicle and system type; provides standardized reports ready for Vehicle Type Approval

Custom penetration testing service performed by industry leading ethical hackers

Automotive Cybersecurity Consulting

Technical consulting on the establishment of the Cyber Security Management System throughout the vehicle supply chain, in accordance with UN R155 requirements

Technical consulting on the Threat Analysis and Risk Management procedures in accordance with the ISO/SAE 21434 standard

Template that includes a step-by-step TARA workflow, methodology, and guidance, available on application lifecycle management (ALM) platforms

Automotive Cybersecurity Operation

Continuous monitoring service for vehicular cybersecurity threats; provides response methods based on ISO/SAE 21434

Operation, threat monitoring, and incident response services within the pre-established Cyber Security Management System

Automotive Cybersecurity Training

Full-curriculum on/offline training program for automotive cybersecurity professionals, including exams and case studies (certificate of completion provided)

In-Vehicle Systems Security

AutoCrypt® IVS

Software add-on to microcontroller (MCU) chips, providing optimized encryption, key management, and security features in a compact environment

Software add-on to application processor (AP) chips, providing an isolated Trusted Execution Environment along with encryption, key management, and security features

Security functional cluster (FC) for Adaptive AUTOSAR, accompanied by add-on modules

Advanced encryption algorithms for automotive communications, based on the Transport Layer Security protocol

Intrusion detection system covering ECUs and in-vehicle communications

AutoCrypt vSOC

Vehicle Security Operation Center made for OEMs to monitor, log, and manage security events and threats throughout the vehicle lifecycle

Key Management for Automotive Manufacturing

AutoCrypt® KEY

Advanced key management system that uses quantum random number generation (QRNG) technology to generate and store cryptographic keys

Middleware for key distribution; connects with the manufacturing execution system and comes with scheduling feature

Generates and stores X.509-based PKI certificates for secure communication

Digital Key

Vehicle OEM Server; enables the automotive OEM to manage the digital keys used between smartphones and vehicles

Key Tracking Server that connects with AutoCrypt VOS; retains legal records for the generation, use, sharing, and cancelation of digital keys

Storage and management system for all data generated for the digital key, deployed inside the vehicle

Relay server for sharing digital keys with smartphones on different operating systems and over long distances

Vehicle OEM App; the digital key mobile app for end users

V2X Security

AutoCrypt® V2X

Software development kit (SDK) to be embedded in V2X end entities, enabling end-to-end encryption and two-way authentication

Misbehaviour detection software for V2X communications

Generates and manages 1609.2.1-based V2X PKI certificates compatible with US SCMS, EU CCMS, and C-SCMS

Integrated Management System for V2X certificates

C-ITS Local Station; deployed on roads to serve as edge servers for V2I communications

EV and Charging Security


Charging Station Management System for charge point operators (CPO) to monitor and manage their public charging stations in real-time

AutoCrypt CPOS

Charge Point Operator Server; the database server for charging and billing history

Issues PKI certificates in accordance with the ISO 15118-20 standard to enable the secure exchange of information for Plug&Charge

Portable Level 1 EV charger

Mobile app that allows end-users to find nearest available charging stations; supports in-app payment

MaaS Platforms

Customizable MaaS platform for people with reduced mobility (PRM)

Customizable MaaS platform for multi-modal mobility, DRT, and taxi services

Mobility Data Collector for fleet operators

Autonomous Driving

Remotely Operated Driving Assistance System; a teledriving system serving as a fail-safe for autonomous driving services