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AutoCrypt FMS

Secure fleet management system for shared mobility
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Securely manage commercial and service fleets.

A growing number of vehicles are now part of the shared mobility ecosystem, serving a wide variety of car-sharing, ride-hailing, and delivery services. Given the complexity of these operations, a fleet management system now is essential.

AutoCrypt® FMS is a secure fleet management system optimized for operators of mobility services and platforms, allowing users to monitor operations in real-time and increase the efficiency of their services. All data transmitted are secured by industry-leading encryption and user authentication technologies.

Product Overview

Managing fleet operations have never been easier.

AUTOCRYPT’s proprietary OBD-II technology utilizes real-time data communication to ensure that mobility service operators can provide secure and efficient services to their customers.

Data collected from the OBD-II units can be managed in real-time through the fleet management backend. All data are securely protected by end-to-end encryption and two-way authentication.

AutoCrypt FMS can be integrated into new and existing mobility platforms. Besides offering FMS integration, AUTOCRYPT also provides a mobility platform development solution for fleet operators looking to connect their offline fleets to a digital platform.

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AutoCrypt FMS Key Features

AutoCrypt FMS fills the most essential needs for both existing industry players
and new players that are ready to evolve their value propositions to become mobility service providers.

Real-time Data Collection

Custom Development & Analysis

Machine Learning
& Big Data Modeling

With custom product offerings and platform development services, AutoCrypt FMS makes sure its clients’ fleets are managed efficiently and securely. AUTOCRYPT’s proprietary OBD-II units collect real-time data from every service vehicle, enabling quick reservation and dispatch for MaaS/DRT operations. Its data control system analyzes and manages big data through machine learning, ensuring optimized services.

  • Seamless and secure data collection in an encrypted environment using a plug-in data collection device (OBD-II) accompanied by robust security software
  • Protection of personally identifiable information (PII) with data encryption and anonymization
  • Gain insight through big data modeling and correlation analysis from AUTOCRYPT’s proprietary machine learning technology
  • Detection and tracking of abnormal vehicle behaviors or in-vehicle system errors
  • Optimized route recommendations using additional data sources including real-time traffic and signal data
OBD-II Hardware Specifications
 obd2 bluetoothAWF_OBDII
Communication ProtocolsBluetoothWi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5.0LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth 5.0
GPS Receiver TypeCellphone GPS tetheringExternal GPS receiver supportedEmbedded
Data Upload DeviceCellphone (via app)Cellphone (via app), LTE dongleEmbedded LTE
CPUSTM ARM7280 MHz, dual-core, 32-bit280 MHz, dual-core, 32-bit
Memory-4 MB (disk), 350 KB RAM4 MB (disk), 350 KB RAM
StorageNot supportedMicro SD card supportedMicro SD card supported
Size (mm)47 x 27 x 2447 x 45 x 2790 x 65 x 33
Electricity Consumption11.5 V - 15 V
Working: <200 mA
Standby: <3 mA
Active: 40 - 80 mA
Wi-Fi-off standby: 20 mA
Sleep: 8 mA
Deep sleep: 0.3 mA
Active: 180 - 200 mA
Wi-Fi-off standby: 40 mA
Sleep: 8 mA
Deep sleep: 0.3 mA
Data Collection Cycle1.7 s1.7 s1.0 s
Data Transmission Cycle--2.0 s

Use Cases

AUTOCRYPT gathers data collected from infrastructure operators, then integrates them with the clients’ fleet data into a comprehensive management system, enabling efficient and secure operations.

Data Management

Manage driver and passenger data, keeping information and operation details secure on the blockchain

Vehicle Monitoring

Check real-time vehicle location and route on interactive map

Smart Dispatch

Dispatch drivers to passengers through automatic dispatch system, configured through a specialized algorithm (big data analysis and machine learning)

Real-Time Log

Monitor and manage operation information, including sales, rates, statuses, and expenses

AUTOCRYPT supports sustainability in transportation with SWITCH, a leading EV taxi service,through the development of future-oriented mobility service,using new technologies that benefit both the passenger and the driver.

Real-time Search/Dispatch

Smart dispatch system allows passengers to call and reserve taxis in real-time

Reduce Pollution

See personal effect on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through use of EV taxi service

Crash Prevention

Advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) and danger detection system identify abnormal behaviors on the road or in-vehicle system errors

Eco-Friendly Points

Additional benefits by using eco-mileage points and various promotions

For a secure electric vehicle (EV) riding and management experience, AUTOCRYPT’s total management system allows for oversight of everything from charging to abnormality diagnosis.

Simple, Convenient Charging

Vehicle recognition and quick-pay technology allow for automatic charging service

Real-Time Monitoring

Check vehicle status in real-time with key information like battery SoH

Vehicle Diagnosis

Automotive data is collected and analyzed in an encrypted environment in order to diagnose in-vehicle problem areas

Driving Pattern Analysis

Personalized driving advice provided to driver regarding environment and safe driving from driving data analysis

To make the mobility experience inclusive, AUTOCRYPT has developed several reliable, barrier-free mobility services with automatic dispatch through artificial intelligence, providing accessibility to those with mobility challenges.

Passenger Authentication

Identification and authentication made convenient through proprietary blockchain technology

Shared or Individual Rides

Added economic benefits through options for ride-sharing with passengers with similar routes

Needs-Focused Service

Additional needs and services required are promptly recorded and given to drive

Accessibility Features

Audio guidance service (TTS) available for ride service forthe visually impaire

Mobility Solutions

AutoCrypt MOVE, customized platforms for MaaS and multi-modal transport

Established with the vision of “mobility for all”AutoCrypt® MOVE™ is a comprehensive offerings suite of mobility services, providing a fully managed solution that builds all kinds of innovative services tailored to the partner’s target market.

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