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Threat analysis and risk assessment for automotive development
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TARA consulting and implementation based on ISO/SAE 21434.

Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment (TARA) is a preventative cybersecurity methodology defined in “ISO/SAE 21434: Road Vehicles- Cybersecurity Engineering”. The methodology contains a set of activities and procedures during automotive development and maintenance and is mandatory for all automotive OEMs according to UN Regulation No. 155.

As its name suggests, the TARA process involves the analysis of potential cyberattack objectives, vectors, and threats, followed by assessments of their risk and security levels. Since these factors vary greatly depending on the manufacturer’s environment and the vehicle in production, AUTOCRYPT provides customized consulting for OEMs to integrate TARA into their development process effectively and efficiently.

TARA Template for Siemens Polarion

Polarion-based cybersecurity TARA template

AUTOCRYPT’s Cybersecurity TARA Template for Automotive is a project management tool for TARA implementation. The tool is available as an extension on Siemens’ Polarion ALM application lifecycle management platform, enabling users to effectively conduct and manage TARA activities.

Optimized for the Polarion platform, the extension allows users to automatically connect their work items to the template, where they can benefit from the step-by-step manual and calculation tools.

In compliance with ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155, the tool analyzes potential cyberattack objectives, vectors, and threats, followed by an assessment of their risk and severity levels based on its embedded calculation tools.

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