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AutoCrypt CSTP

Automotive cybersecurity testing platform for vehicle type approval
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Automotive cybersecurity testing on a comprehensive platform.

According to UNECE’s Regulation 155, automotive cybersecurity testing must be done periodically to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities. However, given the various sets of testing tools, managing all individual testing processes and results can be time-consuming and inefficient.

AutoCrypt® CSTP (CyberSecurity Testing Platform) is a comprehensive platform that offers a variety of security tests and validations and allows them to be executed and managed on one single platform. All proprietary test cases are made to meet UN R155/156 and GB (GB/T) criteria.

The platform also allows users to manage and share all test results between internal parties and external authorities, enabling faster decision-making and streamlining the vehicle type approval process.


Three types of tests on a single platform

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Penetration Test

  • Provides penetration testing scenarios crafted by AUTOCRYPT’s award-winning Red Team
  • Security validation for all connection endpoints inside and outside the vehicle, including infrastructure, web, and cloud services
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Fuzz Test

  • Fuzz testing in compliance with ISO/SAE 21434
  • Regulatory compliance support for automotive OEMs and suppliers
  • AI-based algorithm increases testing speed and improves detection rate
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Engineering Specifications Test

  • Validation of functionalities using specification analysis test cases composed in-house
  • Error identification and correction improve the development process and ensure functional reliability


AutoCrypt CSTP benefits

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Universal test cases for worldwide compliance

AutoCrypt CSTP provides test cases compliant with UN R155/156 and GB (GB/T).
  • Test cases made for a variety of scenarios and environments, increasing the overall stability and reliability of the vehicle
  • Test cases configured to strictly comply with international regulations, generating results that can be used for any type approval process across the globe
  • Test cases regularly updated to provide coverage for new standards and technologies
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Optimized test cases for each environment

AutoCrypt CSTP provides optimized test case suggestions based on the target environment.
  • Every vehicle environment is different, requiring different test cases
  • AutoCrypt® CSTP scans the service ID to study the vehicle environment, then suggests an optimized list of test cases for that environment
  • Users can further add or modify test cases based on their needs
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Custom test case selection and economical licensing options

Users enjoy the freedom of selecting test cases based on their vehicular environments.
  • Depending on the environment and testing objective, users can choose only the testing services they need without buying the full license
  • Highly economical for users who want to focus on specific needs and do not want to purchase the full license 
  • Allows customers to make efficient use of their resources and maximize the benefits to the specific needs of their projects
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Integrated result sharing with internal and external parties

Users can easily share testing results between testing centers and with type approval authorities.
  • AutoCrypt® CSTP can be configured to share test results with vehicle type approval authorities, governments, suppliers, and research centers
  • Results from different testing centers can be integrated, analyzed, and managed on a single platform, allowing for faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Cybersecurity consulting and quality assurance support offered based on integrated test results
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Continuous multi-ECU testing

AutoCrypt CSTP enables continuous and uninterrupted testing for entire projects.
  • Conventional testing tools require manual execution for each ECU
  • AutoCrypt® CSTP enables continuous testing for multiple ECUs grouped under the same project
  • Less manual intervention and faster results


AutoCrypt CSTP architecture

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Hardware structure

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User interface

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