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The most secure and seamless way to control vehicle access
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Custom digital key development solution in compliance with CCC.

The vehicle lock-and-key system has evolved from conventional turnkey systems to remote-controlling key fobs and hands-free keyless entry systems. In recent years, a new system was introduced by the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), where a Digital Key is installed in a personal mobile device. Users can use their smartphone to unlock their vehicle and remotely share the key with others.

AUTOCRYPT is the first automotive cybersecurity company from Asia to join the CCC, and has been working on the development of Digital Keys since the first release was introduced. AutoCrypt® Digital Key is a custom development solution based on the CCC Digital Key 3.0 standard, with backward compatibility with Release 2.0.

AutoCrypt® Digital Key is based on a certificate-chain-of-trust authentication system for vehicle-to-device (V2D) communications, making it far more secure than existing smart keys and keyless entry systems.

AutoCrypt® Digital Key provides the most secure and convenient lock-and-key system for vehicles, interoperable across different mobile devices and vehicles, creating a seamless user experience for both car owners and shared users.

Use Cases

Vehicle Access Control

Remotely access and control your vehicle via the Digital Key as the owner or as a shared user, with controls to the door and trunk lock,  ignition, and even sounding the horn, all through the smartphone.

Key Registration and Sharing

Register your vehicle onto the Digital Key app to activate the key. The Digital Key can be shared with multiple users, who can either log in using shared credentials or via an invite link.

Restrictions and Settings

When sharing the vehicle, the owner can configure a range of restrictions and settings such as the duration of access, permission to (un)lock, as well as maximum speed. The owner can modify permissions, opt out of sharing, or extend sharing at their discretion.


What is the digital key?

The digital key allows for a smart mobile device to take the place of a physical key. With the installation of a mobile app, the digital key takes on all the roles of the conventional key – (un)locking doors and turning on the ignition, plus a wide range of additional features such as key sharing.

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The digital key is practical and convenient, as it enables the driver to access their vehicles seamlessly, eliminating the need to carry anything other than the smartphone.

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AutoCrypt® Digital Key utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC), the same technology most notably used for contactless payment systems. Because of the embedded NFC technology in present-day mobile devices, a digital key can be installed on virtually any smartphone.

Shareable, but secure
As one can with a regular key, a digital key can also be sent and shared with others.

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To keep the sharing process secure, the sender can select specific users to receive the key and limit their access to certain functions. This shareability can contribute to the expansion of carsharing services in the era of connected and smart mobility.


AutoCrypt Digital Key coverage

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Based on the CCC Digital Key 3.0 standard, AutoCrypt® Digital Key provides all the components needed to establish the Digital Key infrastructure, from the management server to the user app.

AUTOCRYPT establishes and provides full support for the following:

  • Key tracking server: management server for usage history and preferences
  • Vehicle OEM server: the server used by automotive manufacturers to generate and manage digital keys
  • Vehicle CCC applet and host API: deployed inside a vehicle’s secure element (SE), responsible for verifying and connecting with the vehicle owner’s smartphone
  • Relay server: enables the digital key to be shared between the vehicle owner’s smartphone and a shared user’s smartphone
  • Vehicle OEM app: the frontend application that communicates with the vehicle OEM server

Key Benefits

Standardized and secure digital key

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CCC 3.0 Compliant

  • A core member of the Car Connectivity Consortium
  • Designed to comply with CCC Digital Key Release 3.0
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Appliance-Type Servers

  • On-premises deployment available for key tracking servers, vehicle OEM servers, and relay servers

Securely Encrypted

  • End-to-end encryption for communications between servers
  • Cryptographic algorithms based on proprietary crypto engine
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Fleet Service Consulting

  • Linkable to server-based owner device (SBOD)
  • Consulting provided for mobility fleet operators