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Plug&Charge: Electric Vehicle Charging System Security
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The most secure way to charge electric vehicles.

AutoCrypt Plug&Charge (PnC) protects both the electric vehicle (EV) and its supply equipment (EVSE) during the “Plug&Charge (PnC)” process.

It also provides secure communication modules and certificate management for automakers, charger manufacturers, charging point operators (CPOs), and mobility operators.

How It Works

Securing V2G Communication Interface via PKI and ISO-15118 Compliant Technologies.

Using the PKI technology and in compliance with ISO-15118 international standard for the V2G communication interface, AutoCrypt PnC verifies the identities of both the vehicle and the charger, ensuring safe exchange of all credit information.

Supporting Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), AutoCrypt PnC technology verifies the contract between the charging station management systems (CSMS) and the mobility operators, to safely deliver to the vehicle.

Mobility Operators


Charging Station

V2G Participants

Cloud Environments

AutoCrypt PnC,


Robust Authentication

Enables robust and convenient authentication, authorization, and billing through PKI technology

International Standards

Supports international standards, including ISO 15118-2, and VDE 2802-100-1

Reliable Connectivity

Provides secured connections between chargers and power grids through Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

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