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Misbehaviour detection and response for V2X PKI
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Safeguarding V2X communications with misbehaviour detection.

With millions of vehicles enrolled, a critical portion of the V2X PKI (Security Credential Management System, SCMS) is to identify any abnormal behaviour in real-time and prevent potential malicious acts from damaging trust in the V2X ecosystem.

AutoCrypt® MBD is a misbehaviour detection software implemented on the V2X PKI platform, enabling misbehaviour reporting and certificate revocation for V2X communications, compatible with all major V2X PKI standards in the world (US SCMS, EU CCMS, Chinese C-SCMS).

The solution consists of two components, with AutoCrypt® LMBD (local MBD) embedded in onboard units (OBU) and AutoCrypt® GMBD (global MBD) deployed in the V2X PKI server.

How It Works

Misbehaviour detection, reporting, and response

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When a vehicle’s OBU receives messages from nearby vehicles during operation, AutoCrypt® LMBD embedded in the OBU screens these messages for anomalies. Although the industry has not yet established official standards with regard to what constitutes an anomaly, some common misbehaviours that AutoCrypt® LMBD identifies include:

  • Certificates containing expired or false credentials
  • Messages signed with false signatures
  • Messages with invalid or forged data
  • Messages with fake information

If an incoming message indicates abnormal behaviour, AutoCrypt® LMBD reports that to a nearby RSU. The RSU then reports that to AutoCrypt® GMBD, which sits in the V2X PKI admin server, managed by a misbehaviour authority (MA).

After the misbehaviour authority reviews the report, it will determine whether to revoke the certificate of the misbehaving vehicle. Revoked certificates are added to a certificate revocation list (CRL).

AutoCrypt® GMBD distributes the updated CRL to the RSUs and OBUs (stored by AutoCrypt® V2X-EE). This blocks the revoked certificate from participating in V2X communications.


The most comprehensive MBD solution

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Comprehensive MBD

  • Provides a complete chain of LMBD, OBU, RSU, admin system, and GMBD
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Worldwide Compliance

  • Compatible with the latest MBD standards in North America, Europe, and China
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Technology Consulting

  • Provides one-on-one technology consulting to clients
  • Expertise as a member of the MBD standardization body in South Korea
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Certificate Distribution

  • Offers linkage to certificate issuance server
  • Supports secure certificate distribution

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