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AutoCrypt PKI

Establishing trust for connect mobility
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Protecting all vehicle connections with PKI-based authentication.

AutoCrypt® PKI is a specialized public key infrastructure (PKI) dedicated to the mobility ecosystem. The technology is used for user verification in a range of connected services, including V2X, Plug&Charge (PnC), and the digital key.

AUTOCRYPT establishes and deploys its PKI platform based on the specific environment and standard. For instance, AutoCrypt® V2X-PKI (AutoCrypt® SCMS) is a platform dedicated to the V2X environment, compliant with all major V2X SCMS standards in the world (IEEE 1609.2, ETSI, GB/T, and YD/T 3957-2021).

AutoCrypt PKI is a crucial security component required for vehicular communications like V2X and Plug&Charge (PnC). The system registers enrolment certificates for OBUs and RSUs and issues identification, pseudonym, and application certificates for authentication, ensuring that only trusted entities are allowed to join the communication.


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The Basics of AutoCrypt PKI

AutoCrypt PKI is a security infrastructure that ensures trust within the V2X and PnC environment.

With AutoCrypt PKI’s ecosystem, connected participants (vehicle OBUs, infrastructure RSUs, pedestrian devices) are able to obtain security certificates from root certificate authorities (root CA), and attach these certificates to their messages as their digital signature. The root CAs continuously generate, distribute, and revoke certificates within the ecosystem.

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AutoCrypt PKI enables the issuance of both enrolment certificates and authorization certificates to OBUs and RSUs.

Enrolment certificates are issued when the units are first registered, while authorization certificates are issued every time a message is exchanged to allow for the system to authenticate each user.

Authorization certificates can be further broken down into identification certificates (used by OBUs to sign V2I messages), pseudonym certificates (used by OBUs to sign basic safety messages), and application certificates (used by RSUs to sign over-the-air messages).

All these certificates act as IDs that prove the identity of the participants and the legitimacy of the messages. The infrastructure also enables continuous certificate management with an updating list of revoked devices.

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Tri-Standard Compatibility, Worldwide Inteoperability

Having demonstrated interoperability across international protocols including SCMS, CCMS, and C-SCMS, AutoCrypt PKI is a crucial component for V2X, Plug&Charge (PnC, ISO 15118), and a wide range of vehicular communications, ensuring mutual safety during message exchanges.

Security and Management

Does not re-enter incorrect SCMS information

Malfunction Detection

Identifies abnormal devices and revokes their certificates

Mutual Safety

Exchange of data with other vehicles, devices, and infrastructure