SCMS Interoperability Testing Platform

Test run of AutoCrypt® SCMS on your V2X devices

Quick, simple, and convenient.

The SCMS interoperability testing platform allows users to perform a test run of AUTOCRYPT’s Security Credential Management System (SCMS) on their V2X OBUs and RSUs, establishing a mock environment of SCMS operation.

Through a simple registration process, the user can request bootstrap data and set up the test environment by installing the package into the unit under test.

scms process desktop

AutoCrypt SCMS enables the issuance and management of certificates in compliance with international standards (IEEE 1609.2, 5GAA). From issuance to revocation (in the case of fraudulent or abnormal behavior), all systems are in place to ensure utmost security.

The test page also provides a simple overview of the certificate generation process through the root certificate authority (CA), registration authority (RA), and digital certificate manager (DCM).


Test User

V2X Device

Users who want to test-run their V2X devices in the SCMS ecosystem

5G Device, etc.
(mobile, wearable)

Users who want to see a visual representation of SCMS operations on their devices

Supported Test Certificates



Pseudonym certificates

Used by OBUs for message signing (self-identification) and misbehaviour reporting in V2V applications

Identification certificates

Used by OBUs for message signing (self-identification) for V2I applications

Application certificate

Used by RSUs for signing and encrypting messages in V2I applications


Test User

V2X Device

Users who want to test their V2X devices through an easy, convenient method

5G Device, etc.

Users who want to directly check the identification system on their devices

Supported Test Certificates

Anonymous certificates for OBU

Authorization and malfunction reports available

Registration certificates for OBU

Authorization usage for V2I applications

Application certificate for RSU

Authorization and encryption available for RSUs

Testing Process

Begin by entering the SCMS test portal


scms registration screenshot

1. Register

Sign up on the test page

add certificate screenshot

2. Add certificate

Home > Certificate Management > Add certificate

Bootstrap Generation

Case 1
If generating bootstrap CSR on the site

case 1 bootstrap

Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

CSR Generation according to device / country / permissions

Case 2
When in possession of CSR

csr case 2 screenshot

Upload CSR 

Inspection of CSR > AUTOCRYPT will inspect CSR, then generate bootstrap

Bootstrap Complete

step 4 bootstrap complete

1. Confirm bootstrap

Click “Document ID” for bootstrap

step 5 download bootstrap

2. Download bootstrap

Download zip file for bootstrap data

Install bootstrap to test device

AUTOCRYPT has taken part in the establishment of SCMS environments both in Korea and abroad, complying with standards in North America, Europe, China, and South Korea.

The SCMS interoperability testing platform only provides a basic representation of certain components of the SCMS ecosystem. In reality, AUTOCRYPT optimizes and customizes its platform for the user’s environment, providing comprehensive certificate management, including certificate issuance, distribution, and revocation.

For testing involving additional components of the SCMS environment, please contact us.