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AutoCrypt HSM

Embedded security firmware for in-vehicle systems
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The trust anchor for in-vehicle communications.

Over half of all new vehicles are now equipped with some form of connectivity, with features like over-the-air (OTA) updates, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, onboard internet, car pay, and digital key. Although convenient, connected cars require a greater level of cybersecurity.

AutoCrypt® HSM is a software module that seamlessly integrates the hardware security module (HSM) into the AUTOSAR environment, ensuring the secure access of ECUs and acting as a trust anchor for in-vehicle communications.

AutoCrypt® HSM supports both the Classic AUTOSAR 4.x Platform and the legacy platforms of individual OEMs, with customizable add-on packages tailored to each OEM’s specific needs.

The ECUs and in-vehicle systems in modern vehicles are no longer just communicating with one another internally, but more and more of them are now connected to external infrastructure such as the OEM cloud. As a result, conventional HSM features like data encryption and key management alone are not sufficient enough in today’s vehicular environments. Case-specific features like secure boot and secure access are needed to take security to the next level.

Key Features

The essential security software for MCUs

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AutoCrypt® HSM contains a cryptographic module that enables critical security functions such as cryptographic key generation, encryption, decryption, and authentication, preventing unauthorized access or manipulation of sensitive data.

It provides all the cryptographic algorithms and key management and goes beyond to implement more sophisticated security measures including secure boot and secure access, helping OEMs construct a secure environment for their in-vehicle systems.

Designed for the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, AutoCrypt® HSM implements its own CRYIF and Crypto Driver. To ensure compatibility with all types of chips, it implements a user interface that links the Host Core to the HSM Core.

In legacy environments, AutoCrypt® HSM enables seamless interoperability between the HSM Core and the Host Core. When the Host Core’s Security Engine Interface receives a command, it sends it to the Security Engine Core, which then triggers the Crypto Driver to run the command.


AutoCrypt HSM, core technologies

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Cryptographic Algorithms

  • Establishes future-proof security ecosystem with 18 cryptographic algorithms
  • Provides encryption, decryption, key and certificate storage and management

Security Features

  • Provides security features based on OEM-specific needs
  • Customizable implementation based on vehicle architecture

HSM Core Functionality

  • Maximize HSM usability
  • Enables timely software updates

User Interface

  • Links the Host Core to the HSM Core
  • Enables maximized efficiency and adaptability for HSM operations

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