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Holistic fuzz testing service for vehicle type approval
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Regulatory compliant fuzz testing service by AUTOCRYPT.

Given the rising risk of cyberattacks in software-defined vehicles, international regulations that mandate cybersecurity testing and reporting are now taking full effect. One of the required criteria is fuzz testing, in which automotive OEMs need to report fuzzing results for vehicle type approval.

Based on its proprietary fuzz testing tool and test case generation algorithms, AUTOCRYPT provides fuzz testing services designated to automotive protocols, developed based on the structures of UDS (ISO 14229), CAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Ethernet.

Performed by AUTOCRYPT’s Vehicle Threat Research (VTR) Lab, the fuzz testing service is fully customized to the client’s needs and environments.


Our automotive fuzz testing solution

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Testing Platform

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Fuzzing Service

How It Works

Our fuzz testing service

1. Consultation

Discusses with client about testing objective, target, scope, timeframe, and limitations

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2. Information Gathering

Collects data about testing target (e.g. hardware interface, protocol, service information)

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3. Test Case Generation

Analyzes collected information and generates test cases optimized for the test target and its environments

4. Fuzz Testing

Performs project-specific testing using optimized test cases

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5. Reporting

Compiles a vulnerability report based on analyzing the testing results

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6. Post-Test Validation

Provides debugging and retesting services for failed results


Optimized testing for automotive protocols

Unlike conventional fuzzing, AUTOCRYPT’s fuzz testing service utilizes test cases that are optimized for the communication protocol of the test target. Supported protocols include UDS, CAN (FD), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and Ethernet. This allows for the accurate detection of a wide range of potential vulnerabiliities.

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AUTOCRYPT groups fuzzing tasks into projects and uses a customized approach to each specific projects, based on the specific protocol and environment.

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