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Find out how you can partner with us
to enhance the security of connected vehicles and smart roads.

The future of autonomous and software-defined vehicles depends on cooperation and shared goals.

According to a survey from 2021, 37% of consumers expressed concern about the cybersecurity and safety of connected and autonomous vehicles. 50% of those who drive an electric vehicle fear that charging stations could become a point of entry for cyberattacks. With the increasing market presence of connected vehicles and software-defined features, it’s our responsibility to reassure those who are hesitant.

Find out how you can work with AUTOCRYPT to enhance the security and safety of connected and software-defined vehicles.

Who we partner with

OEM / Tier 1 Suppliers
Partner with AUTOCRYPT to implement security solutions in the connected vehicle architecture

AutoCrypt V2X
AutoCrypt IVS
AutoCrypt V2D

Software Stack Companies
Work with AUTOCRYPT to secure the connected vehicle, end-to-end, inside and out

AutoCrypt V2X

Chipset / Network Companies
Embed AUTOCRYPT’s lineup into solutions for increased, seamless security, without compromising performance

AutoCrypt V2X
AutoCrypt IVS
AutoCrypt V2D

Service Providers
(Telecom, 5G, etc.)
AUTOCRYPT ensures that communication channels stay secure when connecting to autonomous vehicles

AutoCrypt V2X

EVSE / EVCC Manufacturers
Implement AutoCrypt PnC into supply equipment and charging controllers to streamline security processes

AutoCrypt PnC

CPO / MO / Charging Infrastructure Operators
Partner with AUTOCRYPT to implement Plug&Charge security into charging infrastructure

AutoCrypt PnC

Work with AUTOCRYPT to ensure most up-to-date security protocol and regulations for client automotive security needs

AutoCrypt IVS

Mobile Device Manufacturers
AutoCrypt V2D for market-ready devices ensures connections are secure when connecting to CAV systems

AutoCrypt V2D

Partnership Highlights

NXP Semiconductors

Through AUTOCRYPT’s partnership with NXP, a world leader of semiconductors in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, securing integrated automotive solutions has never been easier.

Powered by RoadLINK® SAF5400 (Single Chip V2X Modem) and SXF1800 (Secure Element IC for V2X Communication), the IEEE 1609.2-compliant AutoCrypt V2X software module seamlessly integrates into NXP’s security Library, ensuring the efficient and secure exchange of V2X messages while optimizing overall performance.


Foxconn established its MIH Alliance in October 2020 to to promote research and development collaborations for EV software/hardware. AUTOCRYPT announced its partnership with the alliance in order to share its decades-long expertise in securing connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

AUTOCRYPT’s in-vehicle security solution has been optimized for automotive communication protocols through its IDS, and provides security modules to guarantee secure communications between ECUs and the CAN bus.

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Bayern Innovativ’s Automotive Cluster is a think tank network based in Bavaria, Germany. Founded in 1995 with government support, it comprises more than 700 companies and institutes in the automotive sector, including major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

As an active member of the network, AUTOCRYPT hosts periodic seminars to promote the importance of autonomous driving cybersecurity to members, with the goal of accelerating and securing C-ITS developments in Europe.

Customers and Partners

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