AUTOCRYPT has partnered with NXP to bring secure integrated automotive solutions to the forefront of the industry.

Through AUTOCRYPT’s partnership with NXP, a world leader of semiconductors in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, securing integrated automotive solutions has never been easier. 

Powered by RoadLINK® SAF5400 (Single Chip V2X Modem) and SXF1800 (Secure Element IC for V2X Communication), the IEEE 1609.2-compliant AutoCrypt V2X software module seamlessly integrates into NXP’s security Library, ensuring the efficient and secure exchange of V2X messages while optimizing overall performance

AUTOCRYPT is represented internationally through its branch network in 5 different locations. We develop and cooperate with OEMs and partners to provide the best all-in-one security solutions.

NXP Supported Solutions

– i.MX 8 Series Application Processors

– i.MX 6 Series Application Processors

– RoadLINK® V2X

  • SAF5000/5100: V2X SDR Processor
  • SAF5300/SAF5400: V2X Single Chip Modem
  • SXF1800: Secure Element IC for V2X Communication

AUTOCRYPT will continue to expand its offerings across V2X, with plans in the works for supporting in-vehicle network security (advanced automotive firewall), V2D, and V2G security, paving the way for further joint solution development as global interoperability continues to become a crucial factor for enabling safe transportation and mobility. 

For more information, contact our Global team.