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AutoCrypt MOVE

Mobility platform for MaaS, DRT, and multi-modal transport
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Custom mobility platform development and operation.

With the prevalence of cellular data, the market for mobility platforms has grown tremendously, covering a wide range of services from MaaS and demand-responsive transport (DRT) to vehicle sharing, parking, EV charging, and more.

AutoCrypt® MOVE™ is a comprehensive and secure mobility platform that can be customized and branded (white-labeled) for mobility service operators.

The solution covers service planning, application development, security integration, and maintenance and optimization, helping private businesses and public transit operators establish innovative services tailored to specific needs at the local and individual levels.

multi-modal transport

Multi-Modal Transport





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Fleet Sharing

Accessible Mobility

Solution Overview

AutoCrypt MOVE builds mobility services for every need.

AUTOCRYPT utilizes its experience and expertise in secure fleet management and big data analytics to develop secure, responsive, and customized mobility platforms for new and existing mobility service operators.

Founded with the vision of “mobility for all”, AutoCrypt® MOVE™ builds all kinds of innovative services tailored to the partner’s target market. With multiple use cases already running and in development across South Korea and North America, partners can rely on AUTOCRYPT to build their mobility service from the ground up.

Solution portfolio:

  • AutoCrypt MOVE-Multi Modal: Platform for multi-modal transport, micro-mobility sharing, public transport
  • AutoCrypt MOVE-Taxi: Platform for taxi and ride-hailing services
  • AutoCrypt MOVE-DRT: Platform for demand-responsive transport services
  • AutoCrypt MOVE-Fleet: Platforms for fleet sharing, including cars, purpose-built vehicles, and watercrafts

Use Cases

Multi-modal mobility platform
The AutoCrypt MOVE team developed a multi-modal transport sharing platform for Jeju Island, a tourism hotspot in the West Pacific. The platform was designed to help tourists and locals navigate the island by offering alternative means of transport such as e-bikes, e-motorcycles, and e-scooters. Public transport was later added to the platform, allowing users to transfer between micro-mobility services and local buses.
Multi-purpose taxi call and dispatch platform
KCall is a 24/7 taxi call and dispatch platform currently running in South Korea, allowing users to reserve door-to-door taxi services for both personal and business use. Operating on AUTOCRYPT's AI-based dispatch system, KCall boasts excellent response time while requiring fewer drivers to operate.
Demand-responsive commuting platform
BusDot is a DRT commuter shuttle platform AUTOCRYPT developed to serve the last-mile commute, used by companies to transport employees to and from nearby subway stations and bus stops. By analyzing the reservation history, the service adjusts its travel routes and stops based on demand (dynamic routing).
E-boat sharing platform for private boat tours
AutoCrypt MOVE's scope of service isn't limited to developing platforms for road transport. Partnering with a boat manufacturer, AUTOCRYPT integrated its digital key into a boat rental platform that allows users to reserve boats for private tours.
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Mobility Solutions

AutoCrypt EQ, mobility platforms for people with reduced mobility

AutoCrypt® EQ™ contains the same suite of offerings as AutoCrypt® MOVE™, however, it focuses solely on developing mobility services for people with reduced mobility (PRM), such as people with temporary or permanent disabilities, expectant parents or parents of young children, and older people who need walking assistance.

The AutoCrypt® EQ™ team is actively working with municipal governments, welfare organizations, and social businesses to solve the specific needs of those who need accessibility assistance. After working on many projects, the team now has profound expertise and experience in not only just integrating accessibility features into mobility service platforms, but also ensuring that these services are affordable, reliable, and sustainable.

Use Cases

Barrier-free DRT platform
By partnering with 2U Social Cooperative, a non-profit in Busan, AUTOCRYPT built the first barrier-free demand-responsive transport (DRT) platform in the city, providing an affordable and convenient taxi fleet specifically designed to serve people with mobility challenges. During reservation, customers can request features like wheelchair, car seat, and text-to-speech (TTS) guidance.
Barrier mapping and barrier-free navigation platform
A continuation of the AUTOCRYPT-2U partnership, AUTOCRYPT developed a crowdsourcing mobile map for PRM. The map allows users to pin newly discovered transport barriers, such as curbs, steps, and uneven pavements. The route-planning system then uses the crowdsourced data to provide barrier-free navigation based on the user's disability type.
Voucher-taxi for expectant parents
AUTOCRYPT worked with a district government in Seoul to provide on-demand taxi services for expectant parents and parents of newborn children, allowing them to easily reserve door-to-door transport for hospital visits, payable by e-vouchers issued at district civic centers.