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Pronounced “eh-veek” (ɛbiːk), EVIQ is an all-in-one EV information and charging platform. EVIQ seeks to bring EVs and secure charging to the forefront, letting anyone and everyone increase their knowledge and efficiency when it comes to participating in the EV ecosystem.

Charger information app

EV charger

Plug&Charge (PnC)

PnC Security

Charging Station Management System

“EVIQ’s goal is to bring EVs and secure charging to the forefront for all – whether you’re a EV driver, or a EV service provider, everyone can benefit from the transition to zero-emissions driving.”

Charger Information App

A real-time charger information app, EVIQ can provide the most up-to-date information detailing the lowest available prices of charging by kWh, as well as the exact location, availability, and the charger types at the charge point.

The application integrates with popular navigation applications to ensure that the EV driver can get to the most optimal charging station.

The application is currently running in South Korea with one of the largest data pools in the country, and is available to be customised and white-labeled for partners.

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EV Charger

AUTOCRYPT’s ACO-100-BTW is a high Level 1 portable charger, providing a secure, convenient charging method for all EV users. 

Easy installation
Quick and easy installation on any wall near a regular outlet

secure check shield

Secure and private
Charger users require authentication
before use

Seamless connectivity
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi pairing and LTE (router) features provided

Product Specifications:

Rated Capacity 220V 16A (3.5kW)
Standard Capacity 220V 13.5A (3kW)
IP Rating IP54
Communication Methods Bluetooth / Wi-Fi
Display LCD + Back light
Safety Measures High voltage / overheating monitoring and shutdown features
Socket Porsche genuine product
Compliant Standards OCPP 1.6
Other Built-in timer, sealed-in scale

Secure Plug&Charge (PnC)

A communications protocol outlined in ISO-15118 – the international standard for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) communication interface, Plug&Charge, or PnC, authenticates users and drivers through certificates, and communicates charging related information.

PnC also removes the hassles of having to manually pay at charging stations, without compromising security.

Robust Authentication

Enables robust and convenient authentication, authorization, and billing through PKI technology

International Standards

Supports international standards, including ISO 15118-2, and VDE 2802-100-1

Reliable Connectivity

Provides secured connections between chargers and power grids through Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)

Charging Station Management System (CSMS)

Manage all charge stations with ease.

EVIQ provides a convenient way to manage charging infrastructure and operations through a secure GUI platform developed by the experts at AUTOCRYPT. All data is updated in real-time and shows essential data analysis

Comprehensive Management
Charger status, power status, sales and accounts history, customer and subscription management, and more customizable features

Full Compliance
Compliance with the latest standards including OCPP 1.6, maximizing interoperability

Secure and Confirmed
ICSA Labs-approved hardware and systems

csms eviq user interface

Get Started

EVs will make up 85% of new car models by 2040

EVIQ’s goal is to bring EVs and secure charging to the forefront for all – whether you’re a EV driver, or a EV service provider, everyone can benefit from the transition to zero-emissions driving. Learn more about how EVIQ offerings can help your business.

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