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C-ITS local station for V2X communications
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The edge servers that enable fast and secure V2X communications.

AutoCrypt® CLS (C-ITS local station) is an edge server for V2X communications. Often equipped at intersections, it connects to traffic lights and cameras, serving as an intermediary between points of infrastructure and roadside units (RSU).

AutoCrypt® CLS collects real-time sensor data from traffic lights and cameras, converts them into V2X messages, and sends them to nearby RSUs. The RSUs then send them to the onboard units (OBU) of nearby vehicles, allowing vehicles to receive real-time traffic information.

Since it is connected to traffic cameras, AutoCrypt® CLS picks up real-time information on legacy vehicles, pedestrians, and other unconnected road entities, effectively minimizing V2X blind spots.

How It Works

Secure edge for vehicle-infrastructure cooperative autonomous driving

AutoCrypt® CLS is a C-ITS infrastructure unit that acts as an edge server for V2X communications within a local area. It is usually deployed at traffic intersections and areas where coordination is needed.

Typically, an intersection is equipped with one AutoCrypt® CLS unit, one RSU, and up to ten traffic cameras. AutoCrypt® CLS receives sensor data sharing messages (SDSM) from traffic lights and cameras and converts them into V2X messages, before sending them directly to the RSUs. Since the server is located at the edge, it ensures minimal latency as the data do not need to travel through the network.

The data processed by AutoCrypt® CLS are then uploaded to the control center for monitoring and management.

AUTOCRYPT develops and operates the following V2X services based on AutoCrypt® CLS:

  1. The traffic camera detects a jaywalker. AutoCrypt® CLS receives this information and sends it to a nearby RSU, which then alerts nearby OBUs to avoid the situation.
  2. The traffic camera detects a wheelchair user on the pedestrian crossing. AutoCrypt® CLS receives this information and alerts the traffic signal to extend its duration as needed.
  3. AutoCrypt® CLS receives data from the traffic signal and shares the information with nearby RSUs to alarm incoming traffic to stop.
  4. The traffic camera detects an accident. AutoCrypt® CLS receives this information and sends it to nearby RSUs to warn incoming traffic.

A range of other traffic warnings and alerts can be provided with little to no latency, effectively reducing accidents.

Features and Benefits

AutoCrypt CLS, core technologies

v2x message conversion icon

V2X Message Conversion

  • Converts sensor data sharing messages (SDSM) to V2X messages
  • Transforms visual information from cameras into V2X messages

Blindspot Reduction

  • Picks up data on legacy vehicles and pedestrians without OBUs
  • Enhances usability of V2X services during transition period
v2x safety services icon

V2X Safety Services

  • Ready-to-implement V2X safety services available
custom deployment icon

Custom Deployment

  • Available as an appliance
  • Consultation needed for integration with camera units and RSUs

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