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AutoCrypt KEY

Comprehensive key management solution for vehicle production
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Securing automotive supply chains with automated key management.

During the vehicle manufacturing process, each ECU and end entity within the vehicle needs to be securely encrypted by an assigned cryptographic key. This ensures that only administrators can access these components. 

In cryptography, key management is equally important as encryption itself. Due to the large amount of keys needed for vehicle production, manual key management can be complex and risky, especially when it comes to storage and sharing.

AutoCrypt® KEY is a cryptographic key management solution dedicated to the automotive manufacturing process. It oversees the entire lifecycle of the key, from generation to storage and distribution, making key management secure and convenient.

Components and Features

Certificate issuance with AutoCrypt® V-PKI

AutoCrypt® V-PKI issues and manages SSL/TLS digital certificates based on X.509, enabling secure user authentication that serves a range of purposes.

Secure key generation and storage with AutoCrypt® KMS

AutoCrypt® KMS is AUTOCRYPT’s certificate key management system, offered in the form of a hardware appliance that utilizes a quantum random number generator (QRNG) to generate true random numbers (TRN). Its hardware security module (HSM) provides heightened security for key generation and storage, compliant with both ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001) and PCI DSS.

Secure distribution with AutoCrypt® KeyLink

AutoCrypt® KeyLink is the middleware that enables the secure generation and distribution of the key to each ECU. It validates the ECU’s data and serial number provided by the manufacturing execution system (MES), ensuring no duplication. It also enables the administrator to oversee the distribution schedule and make adjustments based on the production timeline.

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How It Works

For OEMs
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Automotive OEMs can link AutoCrypt® KEY to existing hardware, equipment, and systems.

For Suppliers
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Suppliers can link AutoCrypt® KEY to end-of-line (EOL) programs and manufacturing execution systems (MES).


Secure and Efficient Key Management

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autocrypt km diagram

Reliable Operation and Ongoing Production

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