A new era for automobiles is coming...

At AUTOCRYPT, we understand that autonomous driving is not merely an idealistic concept, but an imminent reality. With tremendous potential for changing the landscape of transportation and mobility, it is our responsibility as a society to prepare for its consequences, both positive and negative.

Autonomous vehicles are more than just computers on wheels, these vehicles perform tasks, sense surroundings, collect information, and communicate with other vehicles and infrastructure in real-time.

While earlier models of automobiles included autonomous driving features like cruise control or ADAS, more manufacturers are implementing Level 3 autonomy and beyond into their vehicles.

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Autonomous driving is all about V2X

Vehicle-to-Everything is a car’s communication system that allows a car to connect to other entities like vehicles (V2V), infrastructure (V2I), pedestrians (V2P), devices (V2D), and networks (V2N). By communicating to these other entities, the vehicle can communicate and navigate through traffic in order to get to the destination safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.  
levels of vehicle autonomous driving sae

While these communications may seem simple, with an increasing number of autonomous vehicles or connected vehicles on the road, the number of connections in terms of communication is growing rapidly. For a completely safe autonomous driving ecosystem, all connections need to be secure, with low risk and low latency.

AutoCrypt V2X ensures connections are faster and safer with its verification technology.

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While autonomy on the road may seem idealistic in terms of concept, because of the hundreds of connections involved in terms of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communications, Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) may become yet another channel for ill-willed hackers to infiltrate.

Advanced security measures must be taken in order to ensure that all parties involved in the autonomous vehicle ecosystem (both inside and outside) are secure, be it drivers, passengers, pedestrians, infrastructure, or even data.

A team led by Professor Peter Yunker, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, found that the effect of hacking even a small proportion of autonomous vehicles in an urban area can cause major consequences in traffic flow. The simulation mapped out 20% hacked at different times of day and found that at rush hour it could potentially stop traffic in all of Manhattan.

Research like this points to the need for top-level in-vehicle security, as even minimal attacks can have tremendous consequences. AutoCrypt IVS provides end-to-end total security for the connected vehicle, ensuring that any anomalies or threats are blocked and analyzed.

Because of WP.29 regulation requirements, the market for connected car security is forecasted to see tremendous growth. According to McKinsey&Company, investments will increase from 4.9 billion USD in 2020 to 9.7 billion USD in 2030.

Breaking it down further, research shows that the global V2X cybersecurity market is expected to account for nearly 2.8 billion USD of investments by 2025 at a rate of 33.5% during the forecast period (Markets&Markets, V2X Cybersecurity Market Global Forecast to 2025).

These forecasts allow opportunities for technological innovation and smart, efficient economic investments by manufacturers, service providers, consulting firms, and start-ups in the automotive industry.

These forecasts allow opportunities for technological innovation and smart, efficient economic investments by manufacturers, service providers, consulting firms, and start-ups in the automotive industry.

AUTOCRYPT's solutions cover end-to-end cybersecurity for autonomous vehicles.

Secure Credential Management System

PKI providing certificate-based IEEE 1609.2 authentication for vehicles and transportation infrastructure.

V2X Security

Secure V2X communications with verification speeds exceeding 5G performance requirements – twice the industry average. Includes encryption library, security module, and LCM.

AutoCrypt V2X SCMS

Demo test for SCMS of V2X devices like OBU, RSU through a simple registration, bootstrap request, and installation. 

In-Vehicle Systems (IVS)

In-vehicle systems for total in-vehicle security, blocking anomalies and threats.


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