2022 Tech.AD Europe

April 4 - 5, 2022
Berlin, Germany & Online

Event Review

About Tech.AD Europe

Tech.AD Europe is an annual conference on L4+ autonomous driving and related technologies, with an emphasis on new research and developments in the fields of AI and machine learning, camera and sensor technologies, software-defined architectures and platforms, V2X and connectivity, security and safety, and many more.  Attendees include some of the world’s largest OEMs, hardware and software suppliers, and solution providers.

This year’s Tech.AD Europe was held in TITANIC Chaussee Berlin, with over 250 companies participating on site and another 290 online participants.


AUTOCRYPT attended this year’s Tech.AD Europe as an exhibitor, and showcased its latest technological developments in V2X security, accompanied by a short pitch for partnership opportunities across Europe. AUTOCRYPT was able to emphasize secure V2X communications as a cornerstone of autonomous driving ecosystem and also introduced its comprehensive testing and fuzzing solutions to address emerging challenges.