AUTOCRYPT Integrates Its Authentication System Into Hyundai Motor’s EV Charging Platform ‘E-pit’ to Streamline Secure Charging Experience

SEOUL, KOREA, July 19, 2022 — EV and charging security solutions provider AUTOCRYPT announced that it integrated its PnC (Plug&Charge) authentication system into Hyundai Motor’s charging platform E-CSP (E-pit Charging Service Platform) as a part of its E-pit charging infrastructure expansion. 

E-pit is Hyundai Motor’s ultra-rapid EV charging infrastructure and its charging service platform E-CSP utilizes PnC technology to enhance both security and convenience. A technology defined by ISO-15118, PnC allows users to simply connect their vehicle to the charge point and automatically identify itself to the network. Moreover, to tackle the authentication and payment security concerns that may arise during the charging process, the PnC protocol requires a verified PKI (public key infrastructure) system that is encrypted end-to-end, which AUTOCRYPT provides. Major OEMs and charge point operators (CPO) across the globe have begun integrating PnC into their vehicles and chargers for a seamless charging ecosystem. 

“Challenges in larger EV adoption can only be resolved by bringing new concepts forward,” said CEO and co-Founder, Daniel ES Kim. “We consider the advancement of secure EV charging services as a major need in this new industry. Building a larger network of charging stations will assist in addressing range anxiety throughout vehicle charging deserts, and we hope to contribute to the expansion of charging infrastructure with Hyundai Motors with our secure PnC solution.”  

AUTOCRYPT’s EV and charging solution also covers the establishment of mobility ecosystem for CSMS (charging station management system) and aims to derive greater comfort and benefits from the transition. For partnership inquiries, please contact

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