AUTOCRYPT Releases a Major Update to its BSM Verification V2X Technology

Enhanced hybrid V2X Technology for BSM Verification Effectively Advances the Mobility Security Standards for OBU, Network Software, and Chipset Providers

SEOUL, South Korea — AUTOCRYPT, a leader in transportation security technologies for connected vehicles, presented a major update to its BSM (Basic Safety Message) verification technology with an advanced version that outperforms at a minimum of 30% enhanced speed and accuracy compared to its major competitors. 

BSM is a packet of data that is utilized when sharing information about a vehicle’s position, heading, speed, and other critical data of the vehicle’s state and predicted path. With faster and safer verification technology, this version will be a massive release for all OBU (On-Board Unit) manufacturers, providers, including those Network Software, and Chipset providers expanding to bolster the industry’s growth ambitions with fast, powerful and reliable automotive security technologies.

With upgraded specifications, AUTOCRYPT’s hybrid mixed-mode technology applied to existing chipset hardware increased efficiency of mobility communications environment. The optimization maximized the capabilities and showed successful V2X security module test results. As a result, AUTOCRYPT is expecting to cultivate the global market with partners via activities such as OmniAir’s Plugfests and lay the foundation for automakers and Tier 1 suppliers alike. 

“The main features of this update are enhanced speed, accuracy, and portability,” said Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “As the market demands more reliable technology that can be deployed to various layers of OBU production, strategically tapping our resources will not only drive innovation across the entire automotive security industry but also raise performance standards and set trends globally.”

AUTOCRYPT’s V2X solutions are built upon two decades of heritage by industry experts with market-proven expertise in security. The V2X solution has been applied to all C-ITS projects in South Korea since 2016. AUTOCRYPT offers international standards-compliant automotive security solutions that can be customized to meet specific requirements across North America, Europe, and the APAC region including China.

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