AUTOCRYPT Shortlisted for 2020 TU-Automotive Award – Automotive Tech Company of the Year

AUTOCRYPT, an all-in-one mobility security solutions company for connected vehicles, was announced as a finalist for the 2020 TU-Automotive Award for the second consecutive year. TU-Automotive represents the entire automotive technology ecosystem with leading representatives from all over the world every year and celebrates the best talent, products, and services across the industry.

TU-Automotive Awards
TU-Automotive hosts its prestigious awards each year, honoring the industry’s forerunners
Source: TU-Automotive

AUTOCRYPT has continuously developed and improved its automotive cybersecurity products and solutions for all users’ safety, security, and privacy in the automotive industry. Since 2007, AUTOCRYPT has participated in various projects including South Korea’s V2X security certification system project and gained a reputation for creating the global certification standard for government agencies. Additionally, with EV platform providers, AUTOCRYPT has contributed its expertise to support the deployment of V2G security through ISO 15118 testing symposiums across the world. The Chinese leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have also worked closely with AUTOCRYPT in order to integrate the solutions for safer in-vehicle security countermeasures, such as IDS (Intrusion Detection System), secure booting, OTA (Over-The-Air), and so on.

In 2019, AUTOCRYPT was shortlisted as the Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service by TU-Auto and won the coveted title. This year’s Automotive Tech Company of the Year is the first nomination from TU-Auto since the spinoff of the company from leading security solutions provider, Penta Security Systems.

“We’re honored to have been appreciated by an esteemed automotive organization,” said ES Daniel Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT. “As we offer an all-in-one technology products and solutions for OEMs and government agencies, to be recognized as a finalist for the Automotive Tech Company of the Year is an additional honorable recognition for us on the path to establishing awareness in the automotive security industry in the US and European markets. It will further our efforts in expanding and cooperating with other leading players to accelerate the deployment of safer vehicle security solutions.”

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