eBook: UNECE Regulation 155

Key vehicle components to focus on for regulatory compliance

The automotive industry is entering a crucial phase in cybersecurity implementation with the upcoming enforcement of UNECE Regulation No. 155 (UN R155) in July 2024. What does this mean for the larger automotive industry?

In practical terms, compliance with UN R155 is mandatory for vehicle manufacturers seeking to market their products in any of the 64 WP.29 member countries. Thus, adherence to these regulations becomes imperative for manufacturers operating within these jurisdictions.

Adherence to the regulation includes implementing a Cybersecurity Management System and enforcing cybersecurity-by-design principles outlined in the formal document provided by UNECE. 

The automotive industry must prioritize cybersecurity across the entire supply chain and collaborate with stakeholders to fortify the industry’s collective defense against cyber threats. Adherence to regulatory frameworks, proactive risk management, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness are essential for ensuring the safety and security of vehicles and their occupants in the digital age.

Our latest ebook gives OEMs and Tier suppliers an overview of the key vehicle components to focus on for vehicle type approval and can offer insight into how different vehicle components require different types of cybersecurity measures. The content discusses threats that are relevant to various vehicle components, arguing that effective risk mitigation will require automotive manufacturers to implement robust security measures tailored to their security needs. 

UN R155