Penta Security Recognized as a Finalist for 2019 TU-Automotive Awards, Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution

SEOUL, South Korea | Penta Security Systems Inc. today announced that it has been selected as a finalist for Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution at the 2019 TU-Automotive Awards. The prestigious award recognizes the industry-leading solution for the secure deployment of transformative technologies in the automotive sector.

Penta Wins TU-Automotive Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Service 2019
Credit: Penta Security

Along with its Advanced Firewall and Key Management features, AutoCrypt offers an extensive suite of security solutions to solve vulnerabilities across connected and autonomous vehicle environments. Its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Vehicle-to-Anything (V2X) components provide essential certificate management and encryption across smart road environments, from back-end server infrastructure to endpoints.

AutoCrypt has also been developed to face the challenges of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and smart charging stations (EVSEs), allowing security in Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) systems. It includes PKI features that are optimized for the e-mobility environment in line with ISO/IEC 15118 for safe communications between the EVSEs and back-end infrastructure to meet the urgent needs of the industry.

With AutoCrypt, Penta Security has forged strategic partnerships with government agencies, automotive manufacturers (OEMs), EV charging service providers, and other top-tier automotive suppliers. AutoCrypt has been integrated into numerous ITS projects in major cities in South Korea, securing its position in the IoT security industry as the leading smart car security product.

“We are honored to be nominated as a finalist in the TU-Automotive Awards,” said CSO of Penta Security, DS Kim. “As we continue to focus on growth, we are excited to be recognized for our commitment to providing powerful and innovative security solutions.”

TU-Automotive is the leading reference point for the evolving automotive technology and annually organizes the largest global automotive technology conferences and exhibitions. The TU-Automotive Awards are the most anticipated recognition of excellence in the field of connected cars. This year’s winners will be announced during an awards party on June 4 that kicks off the annual TU-Automotive Detroit event.

Update: AutoCrypt was selected as the winner of the 2019 Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution at the 2019 TU-Automotive Awards

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