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AutoCrypt KM

Key management solution for automotive environments
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Securing automotive supply chains with automated key management.

AutoCrypt® KM is a cryptographic key management solution dedicated to the automotive manufacturing process. Since each component of the software-defined vehicle can be a potential attack vector, securing cryptographic keys during the vehicle development stage is crucial to vehicle security.

The key manager automatically makes key generation requests to the server and sends the generated key to the EOL (end-of-line) program, allowing for secure and systematic management of cryptographic keys during the vehicle manufacturing process.

How It Works

Secure Key Generation and Logging

In a conventional key generation process, a key management admin manually makes a key generation request to the key management server, then inputs the key into the EOL program. Although relatively secure, a critical weakness of the process is that it puts all trust in the human admin, making it vulnerable to human errors.

AutoCrypt KM overcomes the challenges and risks of manual key management by enabling a fully automated process. The KM client is capable of making automated key generation requests and sending the keys to the EOL program. At the same time, a security log is created to record all events relating to key generation, usage, and signing.

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Secure and Efficient Key Management

autocrypt km diagram
autocrypt km diagram

Undisrupted Operations Under Emergency

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