AUTOCRYPT and V2ROADS Sign MOU to Cooperate on Full-Stack V2X Solution

SEOUL, KOREA, July 28, 2023 — AUTOCRYPT, an industry-leading automotive cybersecurity and V2X (vehicle-to-everything) solutions company, announced a new cooperation agreement with Hungary-based V2X solutions provider V2ROADS to deliver a full-stack secure V2X solution to Europe, North America, and South Asia.

The two companies offer complementary technologies for V2X communications. V2ROADS provides V2X software products for onboard units (OBU), roadside units (RSU), and server (cloud) infrastructure, delivering turnkey V2X software and hardware solutions. AUTOCRYPT specializes in the cybersecurity aspect of V2X, establishing PKI-based message security in compliance with the Security Credential Management System (SCMS). The transcontinental cooperation seeks to integrate AUTOCRYPT’s V2X security module and Local Certificate Manager (LCM) into V2ROADS’ OBUs and RSUs, allowing these devices to securely sign and verify messages by utilizing AUTOCRYPT’s cloud-based PKI services and SCMS backend.

With the combined solution, both companies will engage with automotive OEMs and C-ITS integrators in the European, North American, and Indian markets to accelerate V2X deployment. The two companies are also in talks to work with 4G/5G mobile network operators to bring forward value-added V2X services via multi-access edge computing through their infrastructure.

AUTOCRYPT CEO, Daniel ES Kim noted that “V2X and PKI must go hand in hand. Every V2X device needs to be equipped with the necessary security library and algorithms to enable SCMS enrolment and ongoing PKI services.” Regarding this cooperation, he commented, “We are excited to work with V2ROADS to bring forward a complete V2X deployment solution with pre-validated security features, simplifying V2X implementation for OEMs and C-ITS operators.”

V2ROADS CEO, Yaroslav Domaratsky, PhD commented, “We see the growing V2X project opportunities in Europe, North America, and South Asia in the areas of vehicle and vulnerable road user (VRU) safety, traffic efficiency, and more optimal electrical and autonomous vehicle operations. We are very excited to work with AUTOCRYPT to integrate its V2X security module and LCM into our OBUs and RSUs.”

AUTOCRYPT offers one of the most comprehensive V2X security solutions in the industry. Besides providing security software for V2X end entities, its Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS enables operators to monitor and manage all their SCMS certificates across all regions in real time.

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AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive cybersecurity and connected mobility technologies. It specializes in the development and integration of security software and processes for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, Plug&Charge, and fleet management, paving the way toward a secure and reliable C-ITS ecosystem. AUTOCRYPT is a pioneer in integrating trusted execution environments (TEE) into automotive systems, for which it received ASPICE CL2 certification. The company is also accredited by WebTrust as a root CA for V2X PKI.

AUTOCRYPT also provides management and service platforms for the operators and end users of e-mobility and MaaS. By building customized platforms tailored to individual needs, AUTOCRYPT contributes to sustainable and universal mobility.

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