AUTOCRYPT Secures First-Place Win in 2021 Cyber Security Challenge

SEOUL, KOREA, Dec. 27, 2021 — Autonomous driving security leader AUTOCRYPT procured its first-place win in both the Offensive and Defensive categories for 2021’s “Cyber Security Challenge,” hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT. The award for the win is a 1.6 billion KRW grant, roughly 1.35 million USD, which will be distributed over the next two years.  

The competition was held with the goal to enhance technological competition, revitalizing research and development in the field of autonomous driving security. The Ministry of Science and ICT provided a vehicle system equipped with Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), and teams were assigned to analyze the system’s vulnerabilities. Teams utilized both offensive and defensive methods for the vehicle’s infotainment system, the common attack path for in-vehicle attacks. AUTOCRYPT’s Red Team, led by Dr. Jong-Hyuk Song placed first in both Offensive and Defensive categories, with the latter win scoring 25 points over the second-place winner.  

cyber security challenge red team group

In the Offensive category, AUTOCRYPT used fuzzing test techniques to assess vulnerabilities, testing the target’s reaction to invalid/random data. The team also successfully used vulnerability scanning to uncover major issues, simulating offensive attacks to take control of the vehicle. For the Defensive category, the team was able to utilize AUTOCRYPT’s in-vehicle security solution, AutoCrypt® IVS, and its machine learning-powered AI engine to respond to various hacking tactics. AutoCrypt® IVS is the primary solution used to comply with the UNECE WP.29’s regulations for vehicular cybersecurity.  

CEO and co-Founder Daniel ES Kim said, “Vehicle attacks are a matter of life or death for drivers, passengers, and those in the surrounding environment of the vehicle. In 2022, automotive security will no longer be optional, but a necessity worldwide. Our goal is to ensure that these security solutions are widely available and that we utilize the grant from this competition to make certain that the utmost safety and trust in autonomous driving can be secured in all vehicles.” 

The company’s offerings have been in high demand due to the impending deadline for the WP.29 regulations. Clients and partners feature some of the world’s top 10 OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers. Additionally, AUTOCRYPT’s Series B funding round is already underway, expanding its reach to North America and Europe and opening doors to global investors. 

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