2U Access

Bringing inclusive mobility to the forefront of smart cities

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At AUTOCRYPT, we believe that the freedom of mobility should be extended to everyone. Smart cities will not truly be smart cities until they are inclusive. 

That’s why we are proud to partner with 2U Social Cooperative, a non-profit organization based in Busan, South Korea, devoted to providing an affordable, convenient taxi fleet to those with mobility challenges. 

What are Mobility Challenges?

Mobility challenges are difficulties and barriers that people face when attempting to use transportation. Those with mobility challenges include (but is not limited to) those with disabilities, pregnant women, and parents with toddlers or infants. 

While many without disabilities freely enjoy the benefits of a smart city like social welfare, sustainability, safety/security, and mobility/transportation, those with mobility challenges are often left out of the development narrative.

AUTOCRYPT’s mission is to ensure that not only for the future of mobility and transportation, but, on a larger scale, that the future of smart cities includes people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. 

2U Acccess

2U Access provides affordable, convenient ride scheduling for those with mobility challenges. Through AUTOCRYPT’s easy-to-navigate mobile application, passengers can get from point A to B with ease.

Passengers can use 2U’s mobile application, developed by AUTOCRYPT, to reserve a taxi – specifying time, place, and additional assistance required (wheelchair, carseat, etc.).
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AUTOCRYPT’s Fleet Management System automatically dispatches a driver to meet the passenger(s) at the specified time / location.
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The driver will meet the passenger(s), prepared to assist them all the way to the destination. The ride will be accessibility-friendly, with TTS guidance to update the passengers of the status of their ride.

2U’s dedicated ride service launched in August 2020 in Busan, Korea. Service will continue to expand. 


For more information on 2U Access or AUTOCRYPT’s fleet management system (FMS) and how it may be adapted to suit your mobility service needs, find out more on our product details, or contact us to talk more.