AutoCrypt V2X


Universally Secure V2X Communications

One Solution, Tri-Standard Interoperability

From North America to Europe, China to Japan, AutoCrypt V2X helps OEMs and infrastructure operators achieve secure, seamless V2X communications in accordance with their respective regional regulations and PKI/SCMS standards.

AutoCrypt V2X is a complete V2X security solution that boasts exceptionally high performance and low computational load, serving each individual client with a holistic approach, providing both message encryption and PKI-based certificate registration, verification, and error detection.

Its PKI component, AutoCrypt SCMS, is adaptable to all three major SCMS protocols in the world, including the US-based Security Credential Management System (SCMS), European-based EU C-ITS Credential Management System (CCMS), and Chinese-based C-SCMS. With AutoCrypt SCMS listed as a trusted certificate under China’s latest YD/T 3957-2021 standard (to be enforced in April 2022), AutoCrypt V2X continues to be the only solution that offers compatibility to all C-ITS environments across the globe.

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Worldwide Interoperability

Demonstrated interoperability under SCMS, EU CCMS, and C-SCMS environments

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High Performance
and Low Computational Load

Capable of 2,500 verifications per core per second, twice the industry standard

Holistic Solution

Custom design and integration based on client and regulatory needs

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