Paper: Security Considerations for Safe & Efficient EV Charging

As EVs and their charging infrastructure become more software-dependent, security considerations are becoming increasingly imperative as well. Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to manage a trust-based platform is one way to address security and privacy, and the use of PKI for Plug & Charge (Pnc) enablement is a good case study to see how tomorrow’s technology is evolving alongside security and convenience. From a business perspective, interoperability between PKI authorities is also an imminent concern that needs to be addressed. From a security perspective, a robust PnC ecosystem not only includes good technology but also wide-ranging operational procedures to make sure that networks can operate safely and trust each other’s security policies. Autocrypt Co. Ltd. Chief Evangelist and EVP of Business Development Jaeson Yoo illustrates how IT/IoT security can be applied in PnC charging, not only to ensure security and data integrity but also to enable viability of V2G business in the future.

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