eBook: Basics Guide to EV Technology
and Trends

A beginner's guide to electric vehicle (EV) technology and trends with detailed explanations on EV types and charging.

This basics guide provides an easy-to-read introduction to EV technology and trends for those interested in EVs or perhaps considering buying one.

Electric vehicles are gaining increasing popularity. Despite being around for only a short period of time, they are quickly becoming a major market player, with forecasts suggesting that they could make up nearly 30% of all new car sales in 2030.

Although the general public is now accustomed to seeing EVs on the roads, the majority of non-EV users remain unfamiliar with the daily experience of owning an EV. Some are worried about range (i.e. range anxiety), while others might find the charging process confusing given the different types of EVs and chargers.

This ebook can be broken down into the following sections:

  • An introduction on the technical and historical background of EVs
  • A detailed explanation of underlying mechanisms of the four types of EVs (i.e. battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, fuel cell) 
  • A guide on EV charging and the types of chargers
  • Market trends of EVs
  • Current challenges in using and maintaining EVs
  • How to ensure information security in the age of EVs and the role of AutoCrypt PnC
basics guide to ev ebook cover