We believe that cars are changing. Electric. Autonomous. On-demand.

Our goal is to keep those in and around the vehicle, as well as the ecosystem of the vehicular environment secure throughout this paradigm shift happening in the automotive world.

This is why we’ve partnered with Electric Autonomy who share our goals, believing that this transition requires transparency, accuracy, education, and collaboration.

Here’s what we do.

Electric Vehicle / EVSE Security

We protect both the electric vehicle and its supply equipment, so that automakers, CPOs and MOs can rest assured that communication modules and certificates are secure.

Secure Fleet Management / MaaS

MaaS is the transportation business model of the future. AUTOCRYPT provides secure management systems to ensure operators can optimize services for passengers and drivers.

Autonomous Vehicle / ITS Security

Connected and autonomous vehicles are on the rise. We work with major manufacturers to implement security measures in the vehicle, as well as smart highways and roadways.

Secure First

With all of our solutions, our approach is to secure first. Automotive security isn’t just about the technology. While these new technologies are groundbreaking with their efficiency and connectivity, it doesn’t mean much unless they keep those in and around the vehicle safe. 

AUTOCRYPT redefines the safety baseline by not only securing the vehicle, but the entire ecosystem: from charge points, mobile devices, to V2X communications, all aspects need to be covered. 

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Exclusive webinar, coming soon

Expert panelists will discuss the importance of security in electric vehicles, and what solutions and standards are on their way to ensure that communications between the vehicle and the grid.

Stay tuned for details