Spotlight: Introducing IMS for SCMS at ITS World Congress 2022

This blog depicts an insider’s perspective of AUTOCRYPT’s trip to ITS World Congress 2022 in Los Angeles, where it unveiled its Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS – a central management tool for cross-region V2X-PKI certificate management.

Los Angeles, the city of the American dream. But besides palm trees, sunny beaches, and Hollywood, the city is also widely known for being a prime example of urban sprawl. As a city planned for and shaped by automobiles, LA is one of the most car-dependent metropolises in the world, with many of its residents facing painfully long and congested commutes. Like many other North American cities and suburbs, LA is in desperate need of smarter transportation infrastructures powered by transformative mobility technologies.

Transforming an established transport ecosystem isn’t an easy task, especially when it comes to road transport. Unlike a subway or bus system where all decisions can be made by one party, improving road transport requires multiple parties to make decisions on the same page and work at the same pace. Smart infrastructures are most effective when paired with smart cars, supported by compatible communications technologies.

The ITS World Congress was created for this purpose. Every year since 1994, the ITS World Congress gathers businesses, infrastructure operators, researchers, and policymakers at the frontier of ITS (intelligent transportation systems) development, to foster collaboration and partnerships among industry players to accelerate the commercialization of smart mobility technologies.

Rotating worldwide between major ITS tech hubs for 28 years straight, the ITS World Congress made its way to LA this year, bringing AUTOCRYPT to the city for the first time. As a tech leader in Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), AUTOCRYPT returned to this year’s event to showcase its Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS.

ITS World Congress 2022 held in LA Convention Center

From ITS to C-ITS

It might be a surprise that the term “intelligent transportation systems (ITS)” existed all the way back in the 90s, when the Internet barely reached the average home. Clearly, efforts to improve transportation using technologies have always been made. Yet, conventional ITS technologies mainly focused on traffic control, which isn’t enough to significantly improve road transport. In fact, traffic congestion and road fatality only worsened as urban population continued to grow across the globe.

With advancements in IoT and communications technologies, the idea of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) took off, centered around the goal of enabling real-time cooperation between different road participants – including vehicles, infrastructures, and pedestrians – by utilizing V2X (vehicle-to-everything) communication technology.

C-ITS offers tremendous potential in the commercialization of full (L5) autonomous driving. Unlike camera and object recognition technologies, V2X enables Cooperative Autonomous Driving, allowing all vehicles and infrastructure to share and process real-time information long before cameras and lidars see things happen. Today, more and more industry professionals agree that V2X is the ultimate path towards full autonomous driving.

Given its potential, C-ITS technologies have gradually become the center of attention at the ITS World Congress, with many OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and software providers looking to expand their V2X capabilities. As a pioneer in securing V2X communications, AUTOCRYPT joins the ITS World Congress every year to share its latest technologies for C-ITS.

“Compared to the past, we are seeing more businesses joining the C-ITS ecosystem. It’s great to see a wide range of industry players and governments come together to accelerate developments for Cooperative Autonomous Driving,” said Esther Jeohn, AUTOCRYPT’s Marketing Director, “We are glad that more and more partners are joining us to put efficiency, sustainability, and zero fatality on the priority list.”

AUTOCRYPT connecting with industry partners at ITS World Congress 2022

AUTOCRYPT’s Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS

As the highlight of this year’s ITS World Congress, AUTOCRYPT unveiled its new Integrated Management System (IMS) for SCMS – a custom-built V2X-PKI certificate management tool that enables OEMs to monitor, supervise, and manage all the issued and revoked certificates for their vehicle fleets on a centralized user interface. A one-stop solution, IMS for SCMS enables admins to easily switch between regions and countries, compatible with the North American SCMS, the European C-ITS CMS (CCMS), and the Chinese C-SCMS.

The AUTOCRYPT team demonstrating IMS for SCMS to partners and clients

Sean Cho, President and CEO of Autocrypt North America, explained to partners at AUTOCRYPT’s booth, “As V2X connectivity becomes a standard feature for newer vehicles, OEMs are faced with the need to access and manage a massive number of V2X-PKI certificates issued to their fleets. IMS for SCMS eases this process, with customizable features to satisfy each unique need.”

With IMS for SCMS, OEMs will have the capability to manufacture and manage more V2X-enabled vehicles in the future, accelerating V2X implementation in the industry. To request a demo for IMS for SCMS, contact

Besides IMS for SCMS, AUTOCRYPT’s V2X security solution includes a V2X communications security module, a V2X-PKI backend, and root CA services for the SCMS ecosystem.

The AUTOCRYPT team concluding ITS World Congress 2022

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