AUTOCRYPT Launches Newest Upgrade of SCMS for V2X Security Solution

SEOUL, KOREA, Jan. 5, 2022 — Known for its autonomous driving security solutions, AUTOCRYPT recently announced the launch of AutoCrypt SCMS Version 5.0, a Security Credential Management System (SCMS) for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications, and a crucial component of its AutoCrypt V2X security solution. An SCMS is essential for autonomous driving as it signs and verifies the messages transmitted via V2X to ensure security and safety. 

Utilizing a public key infrastructure (PKI) to encrypt, validate, and manage certificates for V2X communications, the newest version of AutoCrypt SCMS, Version 5.0, comes with newly added Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and Misbehavior Detection (MBD) functionalities. Based on the IEEE 1609.2 standard, the CRL supports both hash-based CRL, which lists the hash value of revoked certificates; and full linkage ID-based CRL, which allows for more efficient mass revocation.  

AutoCrypt SCMS securely manages the entire lifecycle of a certificate and is updated regularly to comply with stringent regulations from various regions. While many security providers only provide compliance in one or two regions, AUTOCRYPT’s research and development team have secured compliance with all existing standards regarding certificate management, including the US SCMS, European-based C-ITS CMS (CCMS), and Chinese-based C-SCMS.  

The company most recently participated in the OmniAir Consortium’s “OmniAir Plugfest” with companies like Blackberry, ESCRYPT, and Green Hills Software. AUTOCRYPT showcased AutoCrypt SCMS Version 5.0 by completing a demonstration of the revocation of cross-certificates in an actual driving environment and were able to demonstrate international compatibility of the entire certificate lifecycle, including issuance, management, and revocation.  

“V2X technology will need to be prioritized if the industry wants to move past Level 3 Driving Automation into Level 4 and 5. And as autonomous driving technology continues to become more prevalent, security for V2X communications will be more important than ever,” said CEO and co-Founder, Daniel ES Kim. “We are very pleased to be one of the few companies to be able to provide an authentication system that supports all regional standards and look forward to continuously updating our technologies to stay above all regulatory changes.”  

AUTOCRYPT currently oversees security for all smart highway/expressway projects in Korea and has focused on expanding its projects to other C-ITS endeavors worldwide. With its wide international compliance and customizable integrations, AUTOCRYPT is ideal for OEMs, public institutions, and governments looking to prioritize secure mobility for all.   

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