AUTOCRYPT Demonstrates PKI Interoperability and Implementations at the 3rd ETSI C-V2X Plugtests Event

MUNICH, GERMANY, April 25, 2022 — AUTOCRYPT, a leading V2X communications cybersecurity company, was the only Asian PKI provider to participate in the 3rd C-V2X Plugtests ™ interoperability testing event organized by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Insititute) in partnership with 5GAA at the DEKRA technology center for automobiles located in Klettwitz, Germany. The event enabled different vendors, specializing in on-board units, roadside units, and public key infrastructure, to run test sessions and assess the level of interoperability based on the latest C-ITS communications and security standards, all under the watchful eye of highway operators, automobile manufacturers, and government bodies. 

AutoCrypt V2X-PKI, a core component of the C-ITS security suite that is compliant with the standards of the US SCMS, European-based SCMS, and Chinese-based SCMS, has successfully demonstrated interoperability through various state-of-the-art safety use cases, including road hazard signaling, road works warning, time to green, in-vehicle signage, traffic jam warning, longitudinal collision risk warning, and intersection collision risk warning.  

All the tests run by AUTOCRYPT were based on ETSI’s TS sector standards, including V2X communication security and SCMS for C-ITS. The tests showed that AUTOCRYPT’s solutions accomplished high levels of interoperability with other companies that are actively engaging in the development of C-V2X for the automotive industry. Through this inspection and supplementation, AUTOCRYPT expects to develop pilot projects led by the European governments and equipment companies within the year. 

Daniel ES Kim, CEO of Autocrypt Technologies GmbH, said: “It was an honor for AUTOCRYPT to be one of the selected companies at the 3rd C-V2X Plugtests ™. As V2X communications usage in the automotive industry continues to increase and PKI plays a central role in its secure development, it is critical that we continue to strengthen our SCMS management capabilities through various interoperability tests across the globe. The successful demonstration of our PKI solutions means that we are continuing to lead the industry and ensure a safer, more reliable environment to support our users.” 

AUTOCRYPT will continue to raise the standards in the PKI sector and will be demonstrating its new V2X capabilities at the highly anticipated ITF 2022 Summit this coming May. This year’s International Transport Forum will convene various experts across industries and governments to share insights on enabling social inclusion through utilizing innovative technologies in transport while promoting sustainable economic growth.  

As the deployment of applications using PKI continues to increase, AUTOCRYPT looks forward to bringing new fully customizable products and solutions to market for the benefit and safety of the industry, passengers, and the public.

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