AUTOCRYPT and MicroNova Launch Strategic Partnership to Advance Automotive Cybersecurity

The Focus is on the development of innovative test solutions in the field of automotive cybersecurity

MUNICH, Feb. 28, 2024 — The increasing digitalization of vehicles is creating the need for innovative approaches to combat cyberattacks and ensure the integrity of vehicle electronics. The memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies specifies that they will work together on test solutions for the cybersecurity field. The focus will be on pentests (penetration tests) and fuzzing (automated software tests) as well as data forensics and vulnerability management during the test phase. The aim is to further improve the reliability of vehicles and meet the increasing requirements for networked mobility.

Joint Expertise for Automotive Cybersecurity

The cooperation between MicroNova and AUTOCRYPT combines the two companies’ comprehensive know-how in the field of automotive technology. MicroNova has decades of experience in test solutions for the automotive industry and will be contributing its skills in the areas of embedded test and validation, software development, and test automation. AUTOCRYPT is an expert in mobility security solutions and will be providing innovative products to protect vehicle communication systems from cyber threats.

“This partnership agreement with AUTOCRYPT represents a major step towards offering our customers pioneering applications in the field of cybersecurity,” explains Orazio Ragonesi, CEO of MicroNova. “Combining the strengths of our companies will enable us to develop customized solutions that meet current and future requirements for the safety of connected vehicles.”

Daniel ES Kim, CEO and co-founder of AUTOCRYPT, emphasizes: “Working together with MicroNova, we will be able to make full use of our expertise in creating innovative security solutions for the automotive industry. The combination of MicroNova’s comprehensive expertise in embedded systems for automotive applications with our decades-long expertise in vehicle safety will pave the way for groundbreaking developments.”

Daniel ES Kim, CEO of AUTOCRYPT (left), and Orazio Ragonesi, CEO of MicroNova (right), signing the letter of intent (Memorandum of Understanding) at MicroNova’s headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich
About Autocrypt Co., Ltd.

AUTOCRYPT is the leading player in automotive cybersecurity and smart mobility technologies. It specializes in the development and integration of security software and solutions for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, and Plug&Charge, paving the way towards secure and reliable transport in the age of software-defined vehicles. Built to support both AUTOSAR and legacy vehicular platforms, AUTOCRYPT’s In-Vehicle Systems Security solution consists of embedded security libraries and algorithms, security testing tools and services, as well as threat mitigation solutions, helping automotive OEMs and suppliers comply with international standards and regulations like ISO/SAE 21434 and UN R155/156.

About MicroNova

MicroNova has been a software and systems vendor since 1987 and offers products, solutions and services in four business areas: testing of automotive electronicstechnology consulting, management of mobile radio and communication networks including energy management solutions based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as well as the distribution of ITdigitalization and project management solutions. 400 experts work with technological competence and passion at the headquarters in Vierkirchen near Munich and at eight other locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. Numerous customers such as Audi, BMW, Continental, Telefónica Germany, Vodafone Germany and Volkswagen rely on MicroNova’s expertise.

*This press release is provided by MicroNova.

AUTOCRYPT Launches Cybersecurity Testing Platform for UN R155/156 and GB Compliance

New platform enables automotive OEMs to conduct regulatory compliant security testing and share integrated results for vehicle type approval

SEOUL, Feb. 20, 2024 — Automotive cybersecurity company AUTOCRYPT announced the launch of AutoCrypt CSTP, a comprehensive cybersecurity testing platform that enables integrated cybersecurity testing for vehicle type approval, in compliance with UNECE’s Regulations 155/156 and SAC’s GB and GB/T standards.

As UN R155 and R156 take full effect on all vehicles beginning July 2024, automotive OEMs and vehicle inspection centers will be obligated to conduct cybersecurity testing and validations based on the required criteria. AutoCrypt CSTP provides a comprehensive platform that runs a variety of vulnerability testing techniques using test cases mapped out for UN R155/156 and GB (GB/T).

With customizable hardware adaptable to PC and test bench environments, AutoCrypt CSTP offers test case licenses for three types of tests:

  1. Penetration testing: Users can select penetration testing scenarios crafted by AUTOCRYPT’s offensive security testing team.
  2. Engineering Specification Testing: AUTOCRYPT offers test cases based on a vehicle’s engineering specifications, enabling the accurate validation of vehicle functions.
  3. Fuzz Testing: Utilizing technology from AUTOCRYPT’s proprietary vehicle fuzzing tools, AutoCrypt CSTP provides compact test cases generated by AI-based algorithms.

From test case selection and configuration to real-time logging and report generation, the entire testing process can be managed on an intuitive GUI, which can be securely linked to all inspection centers and authorities in different countries, consequently empowering faster and more precise decision-making.

“We developed AutoCrypt CSTP to give automotive OEMs the freedom to customize their test cases and select only the licenses they need for their environment, while obtaining testing results ready for vehicle type approval,” AUTOCRYPT’s CEO, Daniel ES Kim remarked. “Furthermore, the platform enables multi-ECU testing grouped by projects, requiring less manual intervention. The goal of making this platform is to help manufacturers allocate their resources efficiently and reduce unnecessary spending.”

Besides the testing platform, AUTOCRYPT also offers fuzz testing and penetration testing services customized for the OEM’s environments and needs, along with CSMS and TARA consulting services for UN R155/156 compliance.

About Autocrypt Co., Ltd.

AUTOCRYPT is the industry leader in automotive cybersecurity and smart mobility technologies. The company specializes in the development and integration of security software and solutions for in-vehicle systems, V2X communications, Plug&Charge, and mobility platforms, paving the way towards a secure and reliable C-ITS ecosystem in the age of software-defined vehicles. AUTOCRYPT also provides consulting and testing services along with holistic solutions for UN R155/156 and ISO/SAE 21434 compliance.