Welcome to the World of V2G

Electric Vehicles are no longer a future premise… In fact, from 2012 to 2018, global plug-in vehicle deliveries grew by 46-69%, and it’s likely that this growth will continue. We see EVs on the road and charging points in parking garages, and while the concept seems to be comparable to charging a mobile phone—plug it in, wait, and go… is the process really that simple?

In reality, charging a car involves several parties:

1. The OEM manufacturer who made the vehicle

2. The CPO that provides the Charge Point, similar to a gas pump for non-electric vehicles

3. The MO that registers members to be users for the charging service

This MO does not own the charging point itself, but builds the interface and the system required to use it. The MO is the party that has contact with the actual customers, and receives and maintains their charging data and information. The CPO, who owns the charge points, relays the operations of its station to the MO, and pays the network usage fee.

Users need to be certified by the OEM, MO, and CPO and then deliver the certificates to the V2G infrastructure in order to have the ecosystem ready for charging.

cpo mo oem process

While this may sound and look to be quite complicated, for the end-user, it’s quite simple. Plugin the charger at a nearby charging station, and then go—Plug & Charge (PnC). Just like a mobile phone, the process has been streamlined. All the certification, verification, and payment processing happen in an instant behind the scenes, and AUTOCRYPT V2G keeps those processes secure.

But what happens when the security landscape is always changing? From the early stages of the EV, AUTOCRYPT has been ready to bring solutions and products to the table, taking on the future era of EVs.

This also means that it has been and continues to be crucial to continue testing for compliance with not just domestic, but international standards, manufacturers, and guidelines around the world as this is an era that is constantly evolving. AUTOCRYPT has participated in several testing symposiums to meet international standards, and we continue to conduct interoperability testing with various companies. AUTOCRYPT has also been invited to share its unique V2G technology all over the world, as industries and organizations worldwide are increasingly eager to get into the conversation about EVs and the need for security, standardization, and quick integration.

AUTOCRYPT V2G ensures that your EV experience is a seamless one, letting you spend more time on the road without compromising your safety and security. For more on how the V2G experience works with AUTOCRYPT, click to watch our video below!

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